How I scored it 4: Hopkins-Calzaghe

This is my 4th edition of looking at some of the most contentious decisions in boxing history and scoring them myself and letting others on the blog score them and discuss the fight themselves in the comments. I'll have to catch up since I'm behind so I figure I'll do these fights in quick order. The 4th one, one suggested in the comments, is Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Calzaghe for The Ring Light Heavyweight Championship of the world back in 2008. A SD win for Calzaghe it is one that has divided opinion in the boxing community. Here's how I scored it.

Round 1 - 10-8 Hopkins

Hopkins takes it 10-8 on the virtue of the knockdown. An even round for the most part but Bernard caught Joe coming in and put him on the canvas and takes the first round 10-8.

Round 2 - 10-9 Hopkins, 20-17

This was a Hopkins round. Calzaghe wasn't able to throw his combos and get in on Hopkins. Hopkins landed a few nice counter shots and won the round.

Round 3 - 10-9 Hopkins, 30-26

Real tight round. Calzaghe really came on in the last minute but Hopkins just landed the cleaner shots and edges the round. But Calzaghe was making a push.

Round 4 - 10-9 Hopkins, 40-35

I just can't find a way to give these rounds to Calzaghe. He's coming on but their fighting Hopkins' fight and Hopkins is landing the cleaner shots with his counter punching. Another round to B-Hop

Round 5 - 10-9 Calzaghe, 49-45 Hopkins

First clear round for Calzaghe that I could see. They fought more of his fight and he was able to cover up and block Bernard's counters and landed some good shots and combos.

Round 6 - 10-9 Calzaghe, 58-55 Hopkins

Just like Round 5, a round in the mold for Calzaghe. His left hand landed more with regularity and he again was able to block Hopkins counter shots.

Round 7 - 10-9 Hopkins, 68-64

Such a hard round to score. Really tough round. But I give it to Hopkins. The fight reverted back to his kind of fight and he was just a bit cleaner in his punching. Such a close round.

Round 8 - 10-9 Calzaghe, 77-74 Hopkins

Calzaghe came back that round. He backed Hopkins into a corner and landed some good flurries and combos that gave him the round.

Round 9 - 10-9 Calzaghe, 86-84 Hopkins

Another round where Calzaghe pressured Bernard effectively, and took his rhythm away. More shots and cleaner shots from Joe and he takes it.

Round 10 - 10-9 Hopkins, 96-93

After Hopkins took the time for the low blow, the fight immediately became a Bernard Hopkins fight again. Fought in a phone booth, Bernard landed some shots in the clinch and won the round.

Round 11 - 10-9 Calzaghe, 105-103 Hopkins

And this round was a Joe Calzaghe round. Back and forth between these two great fighters. Calzaghe backed Hopkins up, put him under pressure, and landed the effective combos.

Round 12 - 10-9 Calzaghe, 114-113 Hopkins

The last round was fought in the mold of a Calzaghe and therefore for me, wins this round. But it's not enough. Hopkins takes it for me

Final Scorecard: 114-113 Bernard Hopkins

Tough fight. Close fight. Lots of swing rounds but I gave them to Bernard. I felt Bernard was able to control the fight enough in enough rounds and fight his style and in the end, the 10-8 round in Round 1 makes the difference. 6-6 in rounds, 114-113 on the card and I gave it to Bernard Hopkins. Tough fight, competitive fight, but one I give to Bernard. Discuss the fight and how you scored it in the comments and list any fights you'd like to be seen scored.

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