ShoBox part of Hall of Fame weekend in New York


This week's ShoBox event from Verona, N.Y., will be part of the International Boxing Hall of Fame weekend.

This Friday night's ShoBox broadcast will be live from Verona, New York, with power-punching Puerto Rican Jorge Melendez (26-2-1, 25 KO) taking on short-notice opponent Nick Brinson (14-1-2, 6 KO) in the 10-round junior middleweight main event, and Mario Munoz (13-0-1, 10 KO) and Jonathan Vidal (17-0, 9 KO) facing off in a Mexico vs Puerto Rico battle in the eight-round super bantamweight co-feature.

Steve Farhood, Showtime Sports

"This is a great setting for a ShoBox show because Canastota is so close to Verona (approximately 10 miles apart). Canastota is boxing heaven for fight fans and the Hall of Fame weekend is the greatest weekend of the year for them.''

"The main event features a very exciting fighter from Puerto Rico in Jorge Melendez, exciting not just because he can punch but because he's an all or nothing fighter. He's a puncher in the truest sense; he tries to knock you out with every punch and he is very right-hand happy. But his two losses both came by knockout.''

Jorge Melendez

"I've been training very hard, knowing that I'm going to a higher level regarding my opponents. I'm more of a brawler and a knockout artist. I am not a great technical fighter, but I'm working on my technique."

"I've been doing new exercises in training camp and I'm feeling a lot stronger, faster and more fit. I don't know who my opponent is but we'll be ready for anything he brings."

"I had a lot of problems in the streets when I was growing up, so my grandfather told me I should learn to fight in the ring. That way I wouldn't get into trouble."

Nick Brinson

"I got the call last Saturday (to fight Melendez). I wish it was more time - but I've been busy. I've only been in the gym about a week and a half but I believe in myself, and I believe that I can still do it.''

"I've seen Melendez' record. He must be a decent puncher. I don't know much about him, I haven't seen much film, but I imagine he's going to come forward and try to take me out. I'll be ready for that. I'll outbox and out-skill him. I'm a great counterpuncher, so I'll be expecting that."

"I only lost to Lennox Allen because I ran out of stamina. I should still be undefeated."

Jonathan Vidal

"That was a great victory for me (against Josean Figueroa). I felt strong and fast. I look forward to fighting with the best bantamweights. I'm ready for them."

"I want to be smart in the ring, always, cautious. But when it's time to put the pressure on my opponent, I definitely know how to do that."

Mario Munoz

"I've been training for this fight for two months in Guadalajara. I'm an all-around fighter. I have technique. I like to go forward. I think I do a little of everything.

"All I know about my opponent is that he's a very strong fighter and goes forward, and he gives his all in the ring. I'm training hard to put on a great fight, and I don't want anybody to miss it.''

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