Mayweather-Pacquiao Can Still be Huge

We know this is a fantasy fight. But with both fighters engaged in a new war of words--talking about the possibility of fighting--it is worth considering. Many fans and media say that this fight has lost its luster and won't be the same as if it happened a couple years ago. Here are arguments to the contrary:

*Biggest PPV fight ever. Casual fans are about name recognition and these two are by far and away the leaders. Hardcore fans will pretty much watch any fight, but huge PPV buys are based on the mainstream. This bout will reel in the casual fan and then some.

*Potential for the biggest money fight of all-time. Many in the media love to lament the status of boxing but top-end fighters like Mayweather are still bringing in more cash than ever. Pairing the two elite brands of boxing will break records

*Unprecendented media hype. ESPN, CBS, etc will be all-in on this one. Most fights get little to no coverage by the MSM. This is not most fights.

*Fighters still near or at peak. This argument is a tougher one to make but Floyd is the undisputed P4P #1 right now despite his age. If he beats Canelo, it would arguably be his greatest win ever. If Pacquiao KO's Rios in exciting fashion (and this is a realistic probability) it would re-establish his status as a top dog. Remember until he got KO'd by Marquez, Paq-JMM 4 was one of his best performances; and the Bradley fight was pure robbery. If these (probable) set of circumstances come to fruition, then it would set the table for the best facing each other. Let's not forget that modern training techniques, nutrition, medicine etc have allowed performance athletes to maintain their primes for a much longer time. What were faded stars in their mid-30s are now peak-performing athletes in sports across the board. See Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, etc. The window of opportunity maybe be just a couple years but it's still there.

*Unlimited storylines. TR v GBP, Arum v Floyd, Floyd ATG or ducking, PEDs, drug testing, Floyd Sr, Manny going religious, etc. Basically any and everything to do with FM and MP will be up for discussion an will just propel the hype further. The main caveat here is that MP would probably have to dump Arum or get out of the contract to get this to happen.

*Floyd's 0 vs Manny's excitement. The 0 is what makes Mayweather super rich and super relevant. It's always shocking when hardcore fans can't understand the importance of the 0. They want FM to fight guys like GGG and think even if he loses, it would increase his stature (because he took the challenge). That's ludicrous. The whole marketing phenomena behind Floyd is that he's undefeated. If he won a lot and lost a few times, he would be like BHop. Respected by the hardcore but hardly immortalized. The 0 allows him to claim he's the best (whether or not you agree) and remain a $40M man. Would a 42-2 FM still be breaking records at the gate? Nope. His style isn't as exciting as Manny's or Rios's or even Khan's. But he's an amazing, sublime figher who's perfected the art of boxing. The 0 allows him to promote, self-promote and be the reigning king of the sport.

To all the naysayers who say this fight has passed its expiration date, I humbly disagree. Let's make this happen. Once and for all.

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