Pacquiao vs Rios: 'Special belt' to be awarded to winner of second-rate title

Feng Li

The fight is for the WBO international welterweight title, but since it's a major event with star fighters, the winner won't just get the normal version of that belt.

Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios could have just fought because it's a fight that makes sense for both of them and will draw some money and a big crowd in Macao, and serve as a major league establishing fight for that city as a new big event boxing home, but no, that can't be all there is, so Pacquiao and Rios, two bona fide fighters under a power promoter who don't need stupid belts or to give their money to any of these organizations, will be fighting for the WBO international welterweight title, and that's not all!

There will also be a "special belt" made for the winner, because the normal, second-rate, meaningless international title is obviously, truly not good enough for this fight, so we have to call it something, basically, but also make it seem like it's more important than it is. It still won't be.

Remember last December when Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez had no world titles, so they fought for the WBO "Champion of the Decade" title? Remember how after it was over, everyone was like, "Wow! Marquez is the Champion of the Decade and that means a lot!" No, I don't remember that either. Because nobody gave a damn, just like they won't give a damn about this.

I mean, let's say the idea is to match the Pacquiao-Rios winner against the Bradley-Marquez winner, where Bradley's normal WBO title will be on the line. Are we to believe, then, that Pacquiao or Rios will need the international title to secure that fight? Like the four guys being Top Rank fighters won't be enough to make that fight happen? Come on. Come on, you guys. Why give up money for a belt that means nothing for your place in the sport?

Some things, we are destined to not understand. There's your BLH Life Lesson for today.

On the other hand, Brandon Rios traipsing around China in a cowboy hat is my favorite thing.

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