Why Sergio's balls are to be aspired to

Why, commenters have wondered, why the obsession with Sergio's balls? "Can’t we just say he’s courageous? A real competitor?"

No, we cannot. But it's a legitimate question, and I felt it deserved a fuller answer, so I spent some time pondering the subject.

Now, the balls of Sergio Martinez are no doubt functional, and aesthetically pleasing, but to take them at that level would be an egregious metaphysical error, not to mention merely crude. Sergio's balls are the essence of Sergio. They contain his Sergioness. They are his Sergioness.

Let us expand more fully on this. What would Hitler have been without his moustache? As a dictator, certainly he would have been equally functional, and probably more aesthetically pleasing, but would he have been Adolf, the Terror of the World? No, no, a thousand times no. That moustache - unfashionable even in its day - embodied his willingness to transcend social conventions and do the unthinkable. It shook a defiant fist against the world.

In the same way, Sergio Martinez's balls, clanging in the wind, are an announcement of war upon anyone who weighs roughly what he does. Like a flag, they will wave proudly his stubborn will even when the rest of Sergio has broken down, emblazoned with his desire to fight only the best.

But more than that! Mayweather's money may be something to be coveted, Golovkin's power something to be admired - but the balls of Sergio Martinez are something we can aspire to. In this regard, Martinez stands apart from so many other great (or "great") boxers.

Take Klitschkoness, for example. Some men are born Klitschkos, and others may have Klitschkos thrust upon them; but no man yet achieved Klitschkodom through mere harsh training and force of will. One might look upon the works of a Klitschko, but that road leads only to despair.

Maravilla, though, inspires. I cannot wake up tomorrow and decide that I will break walls with my jab, but I can wake up and resolve to challenge all that the world has to throw at me with fortitude and valor. I can face the fears of the future and the troubles of today with ease. I can encourage myself, "What is a mere boss? A testy customer? Sergio is willing to face Golovkin!"

Yea, my friends, it has given me unalloyed pleasure to think upon Sergio Martinez and his balls of steel. Let the purists have their Mathysses, the masses their Pacquiaos, but for me, let the balls of Sergio ring forever their lusty peals of bravery!

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