Thursday Night Quick Takes: Josesito Lopez injured, Wilder vs Mitchell-Arreola winner, BJ Flores, more

Kevork Djansezian

JOSESITO LOPEZ! sprained his chest! DEONTAY WILDER! might take on a fellow heavy hittert DON KING! has lost another fighter!

Let's start off with a celebrity birthday salute to Dustin Hoffman, Roger Federer, Meagan Good, The Edge, Mel Tillis, Donny Most, Rory Calhoun (RIP RORY CALHOUN!), Scott Stapp, Robin Quivers, Anthony Rizzo, Rashard Lewis, Lindsay Sloane, Drew Lachey, Jerry Tarkanian, and Ken Dryden! What a great day for birthdays, you guys!!!


Josesito Lopez likely out for Sept. 6

It looks like Josesito Lopez is out of his September 6 Showtime bout, which was to pit him against Aaron Martinez, as he said on his Facebook page that he's suffered sprained tissue in his chest, which will prevent him from training:


Lopez (30-6, 18 KO) is coming off of back-to-back devastating defeats against Canelo Alvarez and Marcos Maidana, both of whom stopped Lopez. He's still got a little bit of momentum from his upset of Victor Ortiz, but that's fading. Martinez was meant to get him a win, really, and a softer fight, so that he could be put back in the wolves later. You take care of yourself, Josesito. You get these things taken care of, you crazy SOB.

Wilder vs Mitchell-Arreola winner?

If Deontay Wilder wins tomorrow night on ShoBox, he could face the winner of the September 6 Showtime headliner between Seth "Mayhem" Mitchell and Chris Arreola, according to Richard Schaefer. If that fight were to come together, there's basically no way it goes past five rounds -- but if it does, there's no way it doesn't suck. One of them deals.

Say this were to go down, like it's already a done deal, let's just play the pretend game, you guys, would Wilder beat Mitchell? Would he beat Arreola? MAKE YOUR PICKS, FOR GOD'S SAKE! PUT IT ON THE F***ING LINE!!!!!

BJ Flores has left Don King

Don King, a true gentleman, has let BJ Flores out of his contract. Flores, ramblin' man and would-be contender in the cruiserweight division, basically did nothing under King's watch, like most guys King has promoted in recent years. Flores did put on some shows by himself, which was about the only time he got to fight.


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