What we learned on Sep. 14 and what people will never learn.



please read ead the whole article before you go in there and post something

There's no denial that Floyd Mayweather is currently the best boxer and will be an all time great, his amazing skills only displays that he's on a different level when we talk about the sweet science and it's different aspects.

Canelo Alvarez like everyone else who has fought Floyd did a decent job on the first rounds and then vanished, the same story when someone else fought Floyd.

Most of people are saying that Canelo was too flat footed, Canelo was too green, Canelo was too heavy, Canelo this and that, Jesus folks! Canelo did what another 44 half of them champions, tried to do, make a game plan and execute it, yet he failed like other 44 guys. Honestly I think Canelo tried to do what no one had attempted to do, and that was outboxing Floyd, most of the people said that was the wrong gameplan and that he should've used his only advantage (weight), however most of the people saw that De la Hoya, Ortiz and Cotto who were almost the size Canelo was on the night of the fight, tried to used their size and weight advantage and they failed! So I just don't get it, these people say that he should've used his weight advantage yet weight has never worked against Floyd, smh.

Now everyone is saying Canelo was a cherry pick for Floyd, like the other 44 dudes who fought Floyd, honestly guys, Canelo did a good job against an all time great, even Al Bernstein said it, there were times at the first rounds were Canelo and Floyd almost threw the same amount and punches and they landed almost the same, Canelo wasn't a cherrypick, and I'm almost sure he can beat all 154 pounders with only Lara and Trout rematch giving him problems. Canelo was fast, yeah he was fast at the point where he countered Floyd's jab with his jab, not flush but he was doing so.

Canelo didn't get beated up, of course he lost by domination but he didn't get beated up like most the people end when they fight Floyd, see his face at the end of the fight I'm only statin facts, what really is, this was a worthy challenger.

I've been through a lot of boxing websites reading this and reading that, and it amazes me how people always bring another name to defeat Floyd, but the thing that most annoys me is that once a man is defeated the people always come with the classic cliche of "He wasn't ready, he was past his prime, he didn't have the speed, he was too slow, he was too young, he was flat-footed, he didn't have the chin" Wow, these haters never learn..

Now through this site reading another fanpost a dude was pointing at Maravilla Martinez......c'mon folks, you gotta stop, GGG? Bernard Hopkins? Manny Pacquiao? Andre Ward? get out of here.

Conclusion: Canelo was a worthy challenger and we should learn that it doesn't matter if you're bigger than Floyd (vs DLH-Canelo), if you have devastating power in your hands (Matthysse vs Garcia fight example), if you are a seassoned complete all rounder hall of fame (vs Cotto), if you are a great counter puncher (vs JMM), if you have flashy speed (vs Zab Judah), if you weight 20 pounds more (vs Canelo-Ortiz-Cotto) , if you recklessly put pressure (vs Hatton) if you're taller than Floyd (vs Diego Corrales), if you're very intelligent (vs JMM) etc. What puts Floyd on another level is that he always will find a way to weak your better attributes because he is the Einstein of boxing.

Of course, there's no such thing as an invincible man, and a lost bullet can land in a split second (vs Mosley), the question is will that ever happen while Floyd fights his last 4 fights? or 5 to be more accurate because I'm almost sure Floyd will try to break Marciano's record to make it on a perfect 50-0-0. only time will tell.

Regards to all boxing fans who like the sweet science and please don't bring another name who sill supposedly beat Floyd next time, just watch the beauty of the sweet science, because when Floyd retires, hate him or love him, one thing is for sure.........You're gonna miss him.

PD Sorry for my English and any grammatical typos, not my first language

See You on May 3rd 2014.


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