American Heavyweight Discussion - Autumn 2013 Edition

So, nine months ago, I wanted to talk about American Heavyweights. Let's do that some more, shall we. Why? Because reminiscing to the days of Floyd Patterson gets a dude all depressed and shit about the current state of American heavyweight boxing.

Can a dude who wasn't even born yet reminisce about days he wasn't there for? Let me look up the definition for 'reminisce.' OK, no, no I can't. Good to know.

I formed these lists just by scrolling down Boxrec. I don't particularly think, for example, Johnathon Banks could beat Malik Scott, or something like that. These aren't "power rankings" to use a sports term.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Everyone in the top#10 isn't going to become a world champion. Out of all the prospects, the only promising one is Wilder - and only because of his power.

- - -

#1. Chris Arreola 36-3 32yo
#2. Tony Thompson 38-4 41yo
#3. Johnathon Banks 29-2-1 31yo
#4. Amir Mansour 19-0 41yo
#5. Seth Mitchell 26-2-1 31yo
#6. Steve Cunningham 25-6 37yo
#7. Franklin Lawrence 19-2-2 38yo
#8. Kevin Johnson 29-3-1 34yo
#9. Fres Oquendo 36-7 40yo
#10. Malik Scott 35-1-1 32yo

* Arreola already had shot and lost it. His conditioning has always been his problem. Punches like a mule, makes for fun fights, will never go anywhere.
* Thompson had two shots and lost 'em both. At age 41, he's got one foot in retirement.
* Banks is world champion Wladimir Klitscko's trainer, so his chances of becoming anything at this point are pretty much gone, his record aside.
* Mansour's age probably prevents him from becoming something.
* Mitchell's chin prevents him from becoming anything
* Cunningham really just has been robbed too many times in his career, at this point, to become anything other than a respected journeyman.
* Lawrence is a club fighter.
* Johnson is particular unmotivated, but could serve as a stern test to a prospect coming up.
* Oquendo, like Cunningham, has just been robbed too many times to make it for his career.
* Scott's lack of power prevents him from becoming anything.

- - -

#1. Deontay Wilder 29-0 27yo of Alabama
#2. Bryant Jennings 17-0 29yo of Pennsylvania
#3. Alex Flores 13-0 23yo of California
#4. Gerald Washington 9-0 31yo of California
#5. Aaron Green 13-0 31yo of Minnesota
#6. Charles Martin 10-0-1 27yo of Missouri
#7. Dominic Breazale 7-0 28yo of California
#8. Jordan Shimmell 11-0 24yo of Michigan
#9. Alexis Santos 11-0 24yo of Massachusetts
#10. Dorsett Barnwell 10-0 25yo of Virginia

* Wilder is the top of the punch with machine-like power. Unfortunately, everything else is missing. Poor coordination, poor balance, zero defense, and we don't know if he has a good chin.
* Jennings has no power, and with new management, his career has gone from "having 6 fights in a year" to "fighting just once in the last year." He seems to be on the path to irrelevance.
* Washington has been seen on Showtime undercards, and looked woefully limited and unremarkable.
* The same can be said of Breazale, who also has shown to be remarkably unconditioned for a supposed Olympic athlete.
* The rest of the prospects are unknown.

* Despite being undefeated, at 41yo, Amir Mansour is just a little too old to be a prospect anymore.
* Kimbo Slice, if he wasn't 39yo, would've just barely made the prospect list at #10. Sadly, he is too old.

- - -

If you're wondering why I'm picking on guys at or near the 40yo mark, it is because history has taught us that athletes get worse with age, not better. Yes, I know the exceptions of Hopkins and Vitali exist. They are exceptions, not the rule. Also, Vitali took a nice big 4-year break in the middle of his career. If not for that, he proabably would have retired at, say, 38-39yo.

I'd be interested to know if anyone could provide any information on any of the other prospects on the list besides the ones we've seen on TV. I am particularly interested in Alex Flores.

Feel free to correct me where you think I'm wrong on anything [or everything]. I don't profess to know everything with flawless accuracy, or anything like that.

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