Daiki Kameda vs Rodrigo Guerrero, 09/03/2013 IBF 116lb world title match SCORING

So, I heard the judge's scorecards were all over the place for this fight. So I sat down and scored it myself.

RD1: even. Nobody landed anything. Daiki threw slightly more, but also spent the entire round running. And he clinched like 5 times for no reason.

RD2: 10-9 Daiki. Just as much running and holding from Daiki, but he threw lot more and landed a lot more this round. Just nothing really did any damage.

RD3: 10-9 Guerrero. He started to find his sea legs in this round - closing the distance and throwing/landing hard shots. Daiki landed some hard shots too, they just didn't do anything at all to Guerrero. Guerrero's shots seem to make Daiki retreat. I wouldn't have any problem if someone wanted to call this round even however.

RD4: 10-9 Daiki. I liked his boxing a lot better this round. He landed in particular a vicious left hook counter in the middle of the round that looked really nice. Guerrero starting to look a little crude in there.

RD5: Even. Guerrero landed some sloppy body work, and Daiki really did little outside of one really nice counter hook. The point deduction in this round - kinda puzzling. In this round, the ref chooses to take a point from Daiko for what he signals as a low-blow. In regular speed to me, it looks like it lands on the belt-line. Also, as near as I can tell, no previous warnings were issued for low blows. So I am going to choose to ignore what I see as a bullshit point deduction.

RD6: 10-9 Guerrero. He landed more and tried to make the fight happen more this round.

RD7: 10-9 Guerrero. Once again, threw more and landed more. Daiki is either discouraged because his shots aren't doing anything, or getting tired because Guerrero's shots are.

RD8: 10-9 Daiki. His defense was on point, making Guerrero miss a lot of shots. He didn't land much more than Guerrero, but his defense and footwork were the difference in this round.

RD9: Even. Nobody did anything to stand out this round.

RD10: 10-9 Daiki. Was really tempted to make it 10-8, because for a long stretch, Guerrero didn't fight back. But Guerrero came back in the final minute to make a fight of it.

RD11: The ref decides to take another point from Daiki for hitting right on the beltline. Once again ignoring such nonsense, I gave the round to Guerrero 10-9 for just landing more shots, and harder shots.

RD12: Even. Nobody really pulled away this round.

MY SCORE: 4 rounds for Daiki, 4 rounds for Guerrero, 4 even. 116-116 DRAW.

MY SCORE TAKING INTO ACCOUNTS TWO POINT DEDUCTIONS: Would end up being 4 rounds for Daiki, 5 rounds for Guerrero with a 10-8 round, and 3 rounds even. 116-114 Guerrero.

MY SCORE [W/POINT DEDUCTIONS] SCORING AS HARD FOR GUERRERO AS I COULD: 8-4 for Guerrero with 2 point deductions makes it 116-110 Guerrero.

MY SCORE [W/POINT DEDUCTIONS] SCORING AS HARD FOR DAIKI AS I COULD: 7 rounds for Daiki including a 10-8 round, 4 rounds for Guerrero including a 10-8 round, and then 1 even round. 114-111 Daiki

So the only way I have Daiki winning this fight is..

#1. If I give him every single even round.

#2. If on RD5 when he got the point deduction, I had him winning the round beforehand and make it an even-round due to point deduction.

#3. Give Daiki a 10-8 round in the 10th.

So yeah, personally, I have this fight a draw. If anybody deserved to win it, it was Guerrero. There is pretty much no way Daiki won this fight.

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