Helpful Tips from Ban Man

There are a lot of new faces around Bad Left Hook, so I thought this might be a good time to welcome all the new people (or relatively new people) and to offer what I hope are some helpful tips. I also want to discuss our posting etiquette a little beyond what is included in the Community Guidelines. By the way, if you haven't read these all the way through, please do so.

OK, so here are some helpful things. First, here is a link to BLH's schedule of fights. This is updated regularly, and it's a great way to keep up with the little fights you might have forgotten. It's an excellent resource, and I have the link saved on my browser's toolbar.

Here's a link to Scott and Ryan's divisional rankings. Both of these links can be accessed from the toolbar at the top of the site, but many people don't realize this.

Something else many new people may not know: you can easily find out and access replies to your posts by clicking on your user name. This will take you to your user screen, where your posts are listed with a link to replies (if you have them). If you just want to check to see if someone has replied to an old comment of yours (but you don't want to scroll through the whole thread) it's easy to just click on your user name and see the replies from there.

Another tip (and request): use the fan posts! These are great for starting conversations both on and, especially, off topic. If you want to talk about something unrelated to any thread without cluttering or interrupting a current thread, make a fan post. Also, consider starting fan posts for groups of friends here if you want to have an extended back and forth that has little or nothing to do with other posters.

On the subject of fan posts, please consider moving distracting conversations (for example, the recent spate of your mama jokes) to a regular fan post section and carry on there, rather than in an unrelated thread. We are pretty tolerant of off-topic posts, so no worries, but I know a lot of people would appreciate it if you corralled extensive off-topic, back and forth type stuff--or extended rants--off in the fan posts.

One more request disguised as a tip: please don't over use the recommendation function for comments in threads. Lately, when I click on a thread, there are often so many green posts that they are pretty meaningless, and it seems like people are simply recommending posts they agree with. But if we all recommend all the posts we agree with, it's just a mess. I think it's a better idea to save the recommendations for posts that are particularly funny or witty or wise or whatnot.

Finally, in the interest of community etiquette, please avoid trivial arguments. There has been a tendency lately for these longish debates where one person (or sometimes both) just can't drop the point, and nothing good is coming of it. Often this involves no real trolling or bannable offenses, but it is kind of irritating. It also makes moderators' lives a little more difficult. Please consider "agreeing to disagree" and letting things go more often. Also, as you probably already know, we strive for maximum civility and minimum personal drama here, so no matter how old or new you are, please keep this in mind when you are deciding whether or not to continue an argument. You will get a lot more respect for letting things go than for "winning" a debate by getting in the last word.

A quick word on the new people/old crowd thing that's been going on. This site has absorbed several waves of new folks over the years, and we are currently absorbing a group of people who came over from ESPN. It seems like there are a lot of good eggs in this group, and as for the others, that's my job.

Older posters: remember that you too were probably once part of a new crowd. If you have posted here a long time, you have probably earned credibility and respect, but it isn't really your turf any more than it is theirs. Nor is it mine. It's really Scott's house alone. We're all guests.

Newer posters: welcome! And please understand that it may take a while to earn the kind of credibility and respect that many long time users here enjoy. This may not seem fair at times, but it's like that in life, you know. If you respect the fact that you're relatively new here and interact accordingly, I think that will go a long ways toward helping the community grow in a healthy way.

Anyway, feel free to ask questions or comment on my suggestions. I'd love to hear from you.

<strong><font color="red">FanPosts are user-created content written by community members of Bad Left Hook, and are generally not the work of our editors. <em>Please do not source FanPosts as the work of Bad Left Hook</em>.</font></strong>

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