Sugar Ray Leonard and Sugar Shane Mosley talk Broner: 'He wants to be like Mayweather so bad'

Shane Mosley thinks Adrien Broner isn't ready at welterweight, and doesn't understand what makes Floyd Mayweather great, while Ray Leonard says that Broner is gifted, but his Mayweather obsession hurts his game.

Boxing legends Sugar Ray Leonard and Sugar Shane Mosley discussed Adrien Broner at a recent get-together, and Fight Hub TV was on hand to capture the candid conversation.

Sugar Ray Leonard: "There's nobody out there."

Sugar Shane Mosley: "Nah."

Leonard: "There's nobody out there. The thing with, what's the kid's name, Broner?"

Mosley: "He's not ready yet."

Leonard: "No--"

Mosley: "But he's good!"

Leonard: "He's good."

Mosley: "He's good. He's real good. But he's not..."

Leonard: "He's not there."

Johnny Gill: "He's good but isn't the question, the most important question what happens now? If he's even going to be a good fighter? Is he still -- does this fight, this beating change him?"

Mosley: "I think that he's not really a welterweight right now. Know what I'm saying? He's strong but I think he should be like 140, 135 still. Like he jumped up too fast. Me, I was really a welterweight at lightweight. He's really a lightweight."

Gill: "I'm saying mentally. If you think he's gonna be OK coming back."

Mosley: "Mentally I think he's alright. He took a punch from one of the hardest punchers at the welterweight division at this time. The guy can hit. He went down, he got back up. He should, like, kinda take his time a little bit."

Leonard: "I was gonna say that. Right now he's at a critical point because he was hurt. Hurt bad, too. But he's so talented. Naturally talented. Gifted. But he wants to be like Mayweather so bad--"

Mosley: "Too bad."

Leonard: "Too bad. Too bad!"

Gill: "He's just forgetting to throw shots. He don't throw any shots."

Mosley: "He needs to understand, he's only making -- a lot of guys make one or two moves, they make this move. But they don't know Mayweather makes this move, he turns this way, he does different moves. He's not just doing this (shoulder roll)--"

Leonard: "He's not just going like this (shoulder roll)."

Mosley: "That's what they think. That's why they're getting hit."

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