Fighter Profile: The Overrated Everything About Carl Froch

It's not that I dislike Carl Froch...okay I dislike Carl Froch; but how can you not? I have long argued and discussed with many fellow boxing fans, particularly from the UK, on Twitter, concerning Carl Froch and why I believe and have believed for the past two years that he's the most overrated fighter in the sport. If he's not then he certainly threatens whoever occupies the top of the mountain. Froch isn't just the most overrated or among the most overrated in boxing, he's the most overrated fighter in his division.


If you listen to his promoter, the network that backs him (Sky aka Matchroom TV), his fan boys, and every boxing pundut on Sky Sports, no one has the resume to match Carl Froch. Except of course Andre Ward, Chad Dawson, Bernard Hopkins, Danny Garcia, Timothy Bradley, Nonito Donaire, and a whole host of other pound for pound champions past and present who have all had their fair share of top ten opposition back to back, or at least close to it.

I'm not simply one to dismiss the line of challengers Froch has had to deal with, however the idea that he and he alone has had the toughest "schedule" to use a college football term is at best severely misguided and at worst, woefully idiotic.

If you pay attention to his record he's had more split decision victories than complete dominant performances. Glen Johnson, Andre Dirrell, and Jean Pascal all proved tough for Carl as he narrowly escaped with the win against all three of those guys. Against Dirrell in particular a majority argue but for the fight being in Nottingham and a few self inflicted mistakes on the part of Andre Dirrell paved the way for a gift decision for the Cobra.

The Glen Johnson fight was a lot closer than it should have been considering Johnson was in his early forties and past his former light heavyweight champion best. This wasn't the Glen Johnson who captured the IBF light heavyweight title, that Glen Johnson was avoided by Joe Calzaghe and that Glen Johnson would have beaten Carl Froch that night.

Consider someone like Chad Dawson who has beaten five former world champions, two of which (Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson) he beat twice. He's fought Adrien Diaconu, Bernard Hopkins, Tomasz Adamek, Jean Pascal, Andre Ward, and Adonis Stevenson; a fighter Froch avoided at super middleweight.

Again I argue that Dawson, Nonito Donaire, Timothy Bradley, Floyd Mayweather, and many other elite level fighters have equal or better resumes than Froch.

The "Warrior"

This is also something widely attributed to Froch, his "warrior" mentality. The running line is Froch will fight anybody in the world no questions asked. Except...he won't, and he hasn't.

He ducked Adonis Stevenson for a fight with Yusef Mack when Stevenson was his IBF mandatory at super middleweight. Even now he's clearly avoiding a rematch with the man who has given him the most pause, George Groves. He wants no part of Groves because of what George proved in their first fight: The granite chin of the Cobra can be struck and he can be hurt.

Of course, Jermaine Taylor already showed us that Froch can be hurt more easily than we're led to believe. We're led to believe this myth about Froch that his chin is the best in the sport, that he can take punches because he's an immovable force of nature with gangly arms.

I'm not doubting his toughness, never have; just the idea of his toughness being legendary when there are fighters far more tough than out there. Timothy Bradley's fight against Ruslan Provodnikov showed a lot more toughness about Bradley than what Froch has showed in any of his fights.

Skills, Skills, Skills

No one ever accused Carl Froch of being the most skilled fighter, just tough and resilient. I'm always surprised just how slow and mediocre he is as a top level champion. I've never seen an elite fighter who can be so easily out boxed yet everyone claims he's an elite fighter. Elite in what context?

Nonito Donaire was out boxed by Guillermo Rigondeaux but aside from that what other fighter did we see Donaire out boxed and out smarted so convincingly?

Carl Froch has been out boxed even in the fights he's won. Against Jermaine Taylor he was being thoroughly out skilled until Taylor's endurance got the best of him and Froch stopped him in the waning moments of the last round.

Froch was made to look foolish by the speed of Andre Dirrell; and against Andre Ward in the Super Six tournament final he was given an entire course on technical boxing by Ward.

This is a question I've always wanted answered about Carl Froch when it comes to what skill set he possess. What exactly does he do right other than his granite, steel, iron chin and his warrior mentality?

Okay so he can take a punch, and we know he can take a punch because he gets hit a lot.

There are plenty of fighters out there whom we have built the foundation of myth and legend, but in truth are not the figures we speak of, but in fact something a bit less than advertised.

Carl Froch deserves credit for what he's done in the sport, and he's #9 on my pound for pound list but let's not in the midst of celebrating his career, go overboard.

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