Take the Bad Left Hook Trivia Quiz!

So you think you know a bit about Bad Left Hook? Old school are we? Or perhaps a passionate newcomer and quick study? Test your Bad Left Hook knowledge with the following quiz. Yes, you could cheat on many of these questions, but you won't, will you, despite the incredible fame and status that will surely come to the winner of this little contest. So please, take this quiz without poking around for the right answers or using El Google. Post your selections in the thread below, and in a few days I'll post the correct answers.

1. Fill in the blank: "Watching ____________ so you don't have to."
a) John Ruiz
b) Cory Spinks
c) Antonio Tarver
d) Friday Night Fights

2. Who was Scott's favorite boxer back in the day?
a) Muhammad Ali
b) Roy Jones Jr.
c) Ricardo Lopez
d) Diego Corales

3. For what baseball team did Scott once write a blog?
a) Cubs
b) Orioles
c) White Sox
d) Royals

4. What feature was once a part of Bad Left Hook but is no longer?
a) Biographical feature on boxers' childhoods
b) "What Idiot This Week is Saying Boxing is Dead?"
c) Round by round scoring of Friday Night Fights
d) All of the above

5. When was Bad Left Hook founded?
a) 2001
b) 2004
b) 2006
c) 2008

6. Which of these is a nickname assigned by the Bad Left Hook community to Yuri Foreman?
a) Meshuga Mauler
b) Kosher Krusher
c) Lion of Zion
d) all of the above

7. Which of the following is an old school Bad Left Hook front pager who hasn't posted here in years?
a) Brickhaus
b) Tichbou
c) Kevin Gonzalez
d) Chaos100

8. What image was used for the original Bad Left Hook logo?
a) a boxer throwing a punch at another boxer
b) a pair of boxing gloves (same as today)
c) a single boxing glove viewed fist first
d) an image of a boxing ring with "BLH" in the middle

9. What used to be the name of an annual group of awards given out by the site?
a) Bad Left Hook Boxing Awards
b) Hookers
c) Brickies
d) Bivens Awards

10. How long has the nickname "banman" been in existence?
a) less than a year
b) about two years
c) about four years
d) since the beginning of the site

11) Which of the following posters has won the Bad Left Hook pick 'em game (for the season) more than one time?
a) Boxanne
b) Ulises Solis
c) BrianBrock
d) RyanSexton

12) Which of the following is not explicitly discouraged in the community guidelines?
a) talking about politics
b) "Flomo"
c) extensive off topic comments
d) repeating the same post

13) Which of the following used to be a boxing site run by someone who now runs a popular feature at BLH?
a) British Boxing Breakdown
b) Boxing Scene (Japanese version)
c) Boxing Bulletin
d) Boxing News

14) Which of the following is the title of an amazing and universally praised post by former poster, Jrok?
a) The Executioner's Song
b) Fixing Boxing
c) The Real Floyd Mayweather
d) Toney Time

15) Which seemingly obscure and technical subject was brilliantly described in a another amazing post a few years back?
a) Detailed analysis of boxing weight classes and career longevity
b) Historical breakdown of how ring sizes have actually affected fight outcomes
c) Argument showing relationship between boxer's bone width and punching power
d) Analysis of media references to boxing as a "dying sport," including graph

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