Bad Left Hook Trivia Quiz Results

Well, despite my best efforts, I was not able to prevent one of you from acing my little Bad Left Hook Trivia Quiz. Congratulations to Eploos, who scored a perfect 15/15. Eploos may not post as much as some, but he's been a member of BLH since 2009, and clearly he's been paying attention. Apprentice came in second with 14/15, and Counterpunch came in third (13/15). Schizophoenix has kindly provided a scoreboard and a breakdown of how many correctly answered each question. Also included below are some observations from both of us about the results, as well as some links to articles mentioned in the quiz.

Here are the answers: 1) C, Tarver; 2) B, Jones; 3) B, Orioles; 4) C, round by round of FNF; 5) C, 2006; 6) D, all of the above; 7) C, Kevin; 8) A, boxer throwing a punch; 9) C, Brickies; 10) A, less than a year; 11) B, Solis; 12) C, off topic posts; 13) C, Boxing Bulletin; 14) A, Executioner's Song; 15) C, Punching and bone width.

Scoreboard, timestamp breaking ties:

Eploos :
15 / 15

Apprentice :
14 / 15

Counterpunch :
13 / 15

BoxAnne :
12 / 15

EastCoastA :
12 / 15

schizophoenix :
11 / 15

cross and dragon :
11 / 15

leo_solis :
11 / 15

APGbe :
11 / 15

battle axe of doom :
10 / 15

ChinUpHandsDown :
10 / 15

DrHenrik :
10 / 15

Olbas :
10 / 15

KidSleez :
10 / 15

RyanCarranza :
8 / 15

Phill :
8 / 15

h0lydiver :
7 / 15

jhf884 :
7 / 15

schraubd :
6 / 15

The_Great_Lestrade :
5 / 15

Jim M. :
4 / 15

Bobmour :
4 / 15

Answers and Comments

Correct answers for Question 1 :

Bad Left Hook used to have a different tagline or motto or whatever you want to call it. I think the current one is "Global Boxing News and Commentary," which is much more professional sounding (but nowhere near as fun as) "Watching Antonio Tarver So You Don't Have To."

Correct answers for Question 2 :

Yes, Scott was a Jones nut back before he started Bad Left Hook. He's mentioned it several times over the years, though not so much lately.

Correct answers for Question 3 :

For the first few years at BLH, Scott's O's blog was more popular than this one. About the time I stopped posting stories to the front page, this place really took off. Scott just needed to purge the lazy and weak willed.

Correct answers for Question 4 :

I thought about creating a feature like option "B," but like I said above ... lazy. Though for a while I did do the FNF round-by-round scoring. My approach to round-by-round commentary was, shall we say, spartan.

Correct answers for Question 5 :

Easy one to cheat on. This wasn't my best question.

Correct answers for Question 6 :

The thread in which we spontaneously made up a million new nicknames for Yuri Foreman was perhaps my favorite of all time. I thought about making this really hard and asking to match certain names with the poster who created it, but that would have been evil. "Kosher Krusher" is probably my proudest moment at BLH.

Correct answers for Question 7 :

I'm not sure why Kevin doesn't post here anymore. I think he thought we were mostly full of shit. Actually, I was (am?) kind of full of shit, now that I think about it.

Correct answers for Question 8 :

I thought this would prove the easiest one.

Correct answers for Question 9 :

Brickhaus used to do some awesome annual awards he called "Brickies."

Correct answers for Question 10 :

Sir Banman was only recently thus knighted.

Correct answers for Question 11 :

I was in awe when Solis did this a long time ago. I think they were back-to-back, too.

Correct answers for Question 12 :

I thought my recent post about posting etiquette might cause some people to miss this one.

Correct answers for Question 13 :

Boxing Bulletin was great, but it's also great to have the pick 'em game here in house.

Correct answers for Question 14 :

If you haven't read "The Executioner's Song," do yourself a favor and check it out. It's amazing.

Correct answers for Question 15 :

Likewise, this article about Pacquiao and boxer's bone width in relation to their punching is great. Check it out.

Some observations from schizophoenix:

1) Bloody hell, Ryan Carranza [who guessed all C's] passed.

2) Jim M.: "I'm positive about, ooh... maybe four of those!" Score: 4/15.

3) On average, just under 14/22 people got each question correct.

4) The easiest question was Q14 (18/22 correct), which amazes me considering the number of new people.

5) The hardest question was Q5 (7/22 correct), which tells me that nobody reads Scott's profile. Or that your typo really confused people :)

6) Most common error was B for Q5. Next most common was D for Q4.

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