All time p4p h0lydiver's fantasy tournament!!

Ok, so I'm bored. And I like hypothetical stuff. Instead of jumping on anyone at random with a long post detailing a hypothetical situation only vaguely related to what he said, I'm going to do this, along with anyone that is so kind as to leave his vote, comments or ideas on a given fight.

About the fighter's selection, I have picked a collection of champions from various decades and weights. It's apparent that it's not a comprehensive all-time p4p top32. I have included some favourites of mine (like Pac, or Tyson), some favourites for many people in this era or recently (such as Floyd, or Ward) or fighters I just wanted to see what people think about (such as Roy, Márquez and the Klitschkos).

Consequently, I would not like to remove any of those, since I have added them on purpose knowing that they wouldn't belong in a top 32 all time list. Plus, there's too many heavyweights and fighters from categories I'm more comfortably discussing. But, if there's any blatant omission I would have to reconsider, we'll see what we can do.

Rules, vaguely:

- I will post the matchups every few days, 2 matchups per post. The reason is I can only include one poll in every post, so the only way to allow people to vote for more than one fight in the same post would be having 8 options for 3 fights, 16 for 4 fights, etc... It's not very practical so I keep it at 2 fights per post.

- Every fighter has to be considered at his perceived "prime" and best weight. Then, it's everyone's work to imagine how would that fighter look when magically modified to fit a different weight. Boxers with attributes that were considered like the best ever in a given weight can translate to other weights more or less the same. For example, Floyd is expected to have an incredible defense in any weight he could fight at. He would probably be faster if he was smaller, and slower if he was bigger, which doesn't change much since bigger fighters are slower already etc...

- Heavyweights are going to work a bit differently. Going strictly p4p, they should be normalized. For example, Marciano would have to be enlarged when fighting Wlad, since, Roy Jones Jr. was more or less the same size and he IS getting enlarged when fighting heavyweights. Well, life is not going to be easy for small heavyweights. They are cruiserweights anyway. I changed my mind. Very small heavyweights of old are being treated as modern cruiserweights and thus enlarged to small-heavyweight size at least.

- For similar reasons, fighters that enjoyed physical advantages (like Tommy Hearns) will keep them. We'll just suppose, in the case of the Hitman for example, that he was good cutting weight so to keep his height advantage. Thus, he would do that for any weight.

- I will seed the fighters, effectively conditioning the results. I'm giving top16 to the older fighters, and then randomize the order. The reason is I find it more fun if we force matchups with fighters far apart in time.

So, behold the competitor's list! I have already seeded them, so you can expect the first matchup to be seed #1 vs #32, then 2# vs #31, etc... The brackets will follow like it's normal once we have completed the first round.

  1. Sugar Ray Robinson
  2. Marvin Hagler
  3. Julio César Chávez
  4. Tommy Hearns
  5. Jack Johnson
  6. Rocky Marciano
  7. Henry Armstrong
  8. Alexis Argüello
  9. Gene tuney
  10. Emile Griffith
  11. Joe Louis
  12. Joe Frazier
  13. Roberto Durán
  14. Muhammad Ali
  15. Sugar Ray Leonard
  16. George Foreman
  17. Juan Manuel Márquez
  18. Aaron Pryor
  19. Manny Pacquiao
  20. Archie Moore
  21. Mike Tyson
  22. Lennox Lewis
  23. Jack Dempsey
  24. Andre Ward
  25. Willie Pep
  26. Larry Holmes
  27. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  28. Wladimir Klitschko
  29. Pernell Whitaker
  30. Oscar de la Hoya
  31. Roy Jones Jr.
  32. Vitali Klitschko

There we go, barring some late minute changes, those are our fighters!! Plenty of interesting fights out there. I smiled a bit at JMM vs George Foreman, but that's what we have to work with :)
So, provisionally, our 2 first matchups are the following ones:

- Sugar Ray Robinson vs Vitali Klitschko AND... Marvin Hagler vs Roy Jones Jr.

I'll write another fanpost later with the details on the first 2 fights and my personal opinions!
DISCLAIMER: I obviously have a low to non-existant knowledge about most fighters in that list and their styles or careers, but I will do my best to present at least some fact for each fight, then let people decide. Also, any comments at all are appreciated, whether in this fanpost or the following ones!

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