Question for Historians: Is this song about an actual boxer?

I have an album by an obscure Acid Jazz group called Raw Stylus. Once of the tracks is entitled "Cuban King Breeze" and depicts the story of a successful Cuban boxer who is ultimately undone by fast living. I've always been curious as to whether it's about an actual boxer, or sort of a composite character. My attempts to Google the details in the song suggests that it's not an actual individual, but I thought I'd check with the community to see if it rings a bell. The lyrics are pasted below, and there's also a link to a Youtube video. Thanks for your help!

People came from everywhere Carracas and Rio

All to see the Cuban Breeze perform his lightning show

King of three divisions, opponents come and go

deadly combinations spell out 46-0

Back in Dolce Vita, you were rolling high

Movie stars and society girls slow sucked you dry

Elegant and self assured, they must've caught your eye

For a poor kid from Havana's streets, the same rules don't apply


I saw you rolling with the punches in a hazy reverie

Been in and out of rehab since 1973

Black and white flicks reveal your tricks

And all your crazy deeds

but the bells just won't stop ringing out for the Cuban King Breeze

Behind the wheel of your automobile

you looked a million dollars

but the ghetto deep inside of you still held you by the collar

the fighting part was easy, the training was a chore

from a hotel room at 5 am, you begged five minute more



I never thought that it would come to this

Charlie louder than a pounding fist

undefeated in the canvas square

Charlie shouts out what the others don't care

The night before your 10th defense your new friends hung around

And just like any other night you went to paint the town

As you climbed the apron steps, Pepe wore a frown

This time, your resilience finally let you down


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