Tyson Fury wants to get paid and says Deontay Wilder needs to "grow a pair of balls"


Tyson Fury sounds furious (haha!) about people claiming he doesn't want to fight.

Tyson Fury is angry and he wants people to know it. The heavyweight contender says that he is tired of people telling him it's his fault that he hasn't gotten in the ring yet with American prospect/contender Deontay Wilder. He claims that he has never received a serious offer from Golden Boy for the fight, and he would be welcome to returning to the United States, the location of his previous fight against Steve Cunningham last April. Oh, and Wilder would have to "grow a pair of balls" in order for Fury to fight him.

Here is all of what Fury had to say, via Edward Chaykovsky of Boxing Scene:

"Maybe if Deontay Wilder grows a pair of balls I might fight him as well. It's more to do with Richard Schaefer, he's the brains behind it all. He keeps saying my name and saying he's offered me this and that but there's never been anything in writing. There are a lot of fighters out there who are pretend boxers and fighters and who really don't want to fight. I'll mention no names - Wladimir Klitschko, David Haye, Deontay Wilder," Fury told Bouncey's boxing podcast.

"And I know Wilder's team talk a good fight and they say it's me (who doesn't want to fight), but I can guarantee you now it's nothing to do with me because I would go to America no problem, and do the same as I did to Steve Cunningham in April.

"It's up to the promoters to stop talking bullshit, get the checkbooks out and starting putting zeroes on them because if I am to get these big fights then these opponents need paying. If they're going to get beaten by me they need paying as well, because no one's going to put a 30-0 record on the line or an undefeated record for little money because they know they can't beat me. It's all about dollars."

Tyson Fury interviews are always fun or, in the very least, interesting. I especially enjoyed the part where he said he would not list names and then went right ahead and listed three names for us.

But, in all seriousness, I would love for Fury to fight Wilder. Wilder is already 28 years old, and has yet to be even remotely tested. Fury would be able to match up with Wilder from a size standpoint and has the power to get Wilder's respect as well. To Fury's credit, he did take a chance by coming to American last April for his his win over Cunningham, a risk that is unlike anything Wilder has done to date.

At some point, Wilder is going to have to step up and face a real threat to his unbeaten streak. It may as well be Fury, who is three years younger and has also never tasted defeat.

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