Broner close to becoming extinct.

There are 3 types of boxing watchers.

1.) The casual watcher who see’s a commercial on local TV and thinks "hey, I’m not doing anything tonight let me go catch this fight of Manny Cotto vs Shane Alavarez

2.) The fan who hates a particular boxer and only watches to see said hated boxer get his soul crushed

3.) And lastly the true fan, the one who knows Floyd Mayweather clearly lost to Jose Luis Castillo

I say all that to say this; Broner is in danger of losing his appeal altogether. To truly be a (well paid) star in the sport of boxing your appeal must far transcend boxing, or you must be Puerto Rican or Mexican, seriously, they back their athletes like no 2 other ethnicities.

As much as I hate Broner and his ignorance I won’t let it affect this piece. The reason he is so close to being relegated to the boxing abyss is because of 2 main reasons. 1 he isn’t a big enough star for someone who doesn’t watch the sport regularly to spend money on to watch, ala Money, Pacman. Showtime thinks the same as his bout was snatched off of pay-per view at the last minute. Ouch.

#2 He as already been smacked by Chino so in many people’s eyes they REALLY don’t have a reason to watch him, Especially if he’s on pay-per view, which is hard enough to sell to true fans already.

It’s hard to feel bad for broner (I know I don’t) after all he’s done. Look at the Paulie fight. Trash talk everywhere before and during fight. After the fight Paulie (grudgingly) gives broner his deserved credit. What does broner say? "I took his girl and his belt! I know some people would say boxing would be nothing without trash talking and I completely agree!!!!!!! However there is a definite time and place for everything , including trash talking. The "problem" people have with the problem is that he doesn’t know when to turn it off. For Christ sake even Floyd Mayweather (the man who constantly reminds us of how rich he is and poor we are) gives an amazing amount of respect and praise to his opponents, even if he has completely and utterly mopped the floor with them.

In closing if broner loses again there won’t be a reason to watch him. Watch him to lose? Nah that’s been done Watch him because he’s so skilled? Nope. Watch him because you like boxing? Un uh. There are plenty of other more respectable and more skilled boxers to watch. As I read somewhere, If you talk that much sh*t you must back it up every time. Get it together broner or you might be a rapper, permanently.

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