Floyd Mayweather signs fight with mysterious masked opponent

Mayweather signs fight with masked man

Earlier this afternoon, it was reported that noted vacillator and unbeaten goat Floyd Mayweather has signed a contract for his next fight against a mysterious masked mustachioed man. Panny Macquiao, who looks oddly familiar, sounds oddly familiar and walks in an oddly familiar way, yet has no Boxrec record, was announced as Mayweather’s next opponent despite previous reports that a fight with Marcos Maidana or Amir Khan had been imminent.


Macquiao being escorted from the media briefing

"I was actually planning to wait until April 1st to announce this," Floyd said, "but people were taking this Khan-Maidana stuff way too seriously. Especially Amir Khan. I might be a cherry-picker, but his cherry was picked a long time ago."

Very little is currently known about the new challenger. Reporters were told that he is from "a small country somewhere in Asia", and has never ever worked with Bob Arum before. According to sources with knowledge of the situation, he walked into Floyd’s gym a month or two back and called the champion out. After a quick demonstration of his boxing ability, Mayweather was convinced that he would be a better opponent than his other likely options.

With boxing's other PPV superstar, Manny Pacquiao, having withdrawn for "personal reasons" earlier this week from his fight with Timothy Bradley scheduled for April 12, it was looking like a lean spring for aficionados of the Sweet Science, but this cryptic challenger is piquing interest in what some are calling boxing's Battle Royale with Cheese.

Who is Panny Macquiao?

The challenger’s refusal to remove his mask has only added intrigue to what was already a fairly unusual situation. We were told by unnamed sources that Macquiao, although unknown in the professional boxing world, grew up around the scene and has connections to various well-known boxing personalities.


A young Macquiao with Erik Morales

Although it is not yet known who Macquiao has been training with, trainer Freddie Roach has apparently been hired as a consultant for the fight. Macquiao will have his training camp in the Wild Card, Roach's gym.


Macquiao and Roach

This is certainly an intriguing matchup for boxing fans. We will continue to bring you updates as more becomes known about the mysterious Panny Macquiao.

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