Adonis Stevenson has signed with Al Haymon and instantly becomes a lot "braver".

It seems as if the boxing gods enjoy fucking with us because this comes after several articles that made Kovalev-Stevenson seem more and more likely, but according to this hope is not all lost for the bout but I imagine the fact that HBO will have to work with Haymon and pay Adonis more money will make this fight harder to make.

This seemed to have worried Kovalev because once asked about Stevenson recently he followed up on an earlier statement where he said he thought Adonis is scared of him and took an even more aggressive tone (courtesy of

And Stevenson, I can only say that if he refuses to fight with me [after I beat Agnew], then he is a coward and not a world champion

This statement provided the perfect opportunity for Adonis to flaunt his new found confidence (likely due to his new management)

Answer to Sergey "weak chin"Kovalev:

First of all, lets make it clear! No one is scare of your sorry ass!! I fight for living and in order to live in this world we need money! So i fight for money! If the money is right i will be more then glad to come give you a good ass whooping in the ring. Beside having power you have nothing special! Your defense is terrible and it wont be to hard to find your big ugly head with that long ass chin! They can hype your name in the boxing world as much as they want to but at the end of the day is how much you are getting paid that matter! While I will fight for millions you will keep fighting for thousand and keep begging me to fight you so your broke ass can make some money! Skill pay the bills! The more skill you have the more you get pay. So as I can see you don't have to much of it because your ass is still broke!!

Answer to John David "Tarzan" Jackson:

You just talking shit because your broke ass need to make some money. By the way we are in 2014. Go get a damm hair cut! That corny ass Jerry curl that you have is out of date! You look like Tarzan!!

(My idea of Kovalev's initial response), this is quite the change from his previous unwillingness to even mention Kovalev and his quick and polite dismissals or vague agreements once interviewers backed him into a corner; frankly I think Adonis is suffering from Qullin syndrome and by that I mean he knows he can talk whatever shit he wants now that he's on the other side of the Cold War's Wall, Adonis's case seems quite severe after viewing this picture he posted on his facebook


this form of shit talking is awfully similar to once Peter Quillin said Golovkin still looks like food even though he had only just beaten an utter non-contender in Fernando Guerrero and would go in to barely survive Gabriel Rosado, a man Golovkin thoroughly destroyed.

Despite all of this drama Adonis recently resorted back to his "if the money's right" spiel once asked about Kovalev yesterday and was comically coy once asked about a possible future fight with Hopkins, a fighter he was previously clamoring for, here on; so Adonis still says he's an HBO fighter but as I said before his new allegiance to Haymon will likely put strains on negotiations with HBO.

I think this all shines a pretty negative light on Stevenson but I am also a devout member of the Krusher Klan so its not to crazy to think I'm being biased and if so feel free to tear me a new one in the comments.

Special thanks to UberAlec comment for bringing Adonis's tough talking to my attention.

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