Face/Off with Max Kellerman: Cotto vs Martinez


Max Kellerman: June 7th. Madison Square Garden. Puerto Rico vs Argentina. Miguel Cotto vs Sergio 'Maravilla' Martinez in one of the most highly aniticipated figts of the year, will take place, on HBO Pay-Per-View. Gentleman . . .

(Cotto and Martinez walk in and join Max at the table)

Kellerman: Miguel. Sergio. Thank you both for joining me today.

Cotto: Thank you Max.

Martinez: Thank you.

Kellerman: Gentleman, the interest and buzz surrounding this fight is palpable. People seem to be very intrigued and anxious to see the two of you face each other in the ring. And yet, this is a fight that almost didn't happen. Miguel, as per our agreement you will get the first question. So I have to ask, would you REALLY not have taken this fight if Martinez's name was first on the bill?

Cotto: (chuckles) Well Max, it's simple. You know. Miguel Cotto sells the tickets. Miguel Cotto sells the Pay-Per-Views. Cotto is the star here. So, it just makes more sense to have Cotto first.

Kellerman: Sergio, you have not been shy about sharing your thoughts about Miguel, and all the demands he has made, at all the press conferences leading up to this fight. Is this because you want to draw more attention to this fight? or do you honestly think his demands have been that outrageous?

Martinez: No no it's not for attention. I just want the people to know who Miguel Cotto really is. To show the people that I am willing to do what it takes, to get him in the ring. And I didn't tell them everything. Miguel tried to have this fight take place in a ring, floating out in the Pacific Ocean. He asked for that, but we settled on Madison Square Garden. His home.

Kellerman: Miguel. In your last fight against Delvin Rodriguez you went back to being the old Miguel Cotto. You attacked the body and made it a short fight. Do you think you'll have that kind of success against a man that is bigger than you? That is taller than you? And that is used to being in the ring with larger opponents?

Cotto: You know Max, I will be ready. Roach my trainer and I have the perfect gameplan for this fight. I know what I need to do. I don't care how big he is. I fight for the people of Puerto Rico. I will win this fight for them and for my country, you know?

Kellerman: Sergio. You've been out of the ring for a while now, and one of the biggest questions surounding this fight, is how healthy is Sergio Martinez going to be when he steps in the ring on June 7th? What would you say to those who feel like you may be too old to compete at a championship level?

Martinez: (laughs) I would remind them that I am the champion. I have the belt. I have the experience. If my health wasn't where it needed to be, I wouldn't be here. I will show them how healthy I am on June 7th, when I knock Cotto out like the princess he is.

Kellerman: Miguel, this would be a testament to your courage and determination if you were to come out of this fight victorious. Do you have any prediction as to how you see this fight playing out on June 7th?

Cotto: Yes Max. Pain. There will be lots of pain. You know? Just pain.

Kellerman: That's a powerful statement. How do you feel when you hear that Sergio? Does that concern you at all? That he plans to bring you pain.

Martinez: No Max. I think it's good. It motivates me. Ultimately I agree. There will be pain. The people will see the blood of Puerto Rico running down his face. It will be a sad day for them. But also it will be a glorious day for Argentina. I know that.

Kellerman: Miguel, again, per our agreement, you will get the final question. If you win this fight, and defeat Sergio on June 7th, will you retire? or make an effort to defend the title at 160 pounds?

Cotto: You know Max, I just . .

(Gennady Golovkin walks on set)

Golovkin: Excuse me Max. Just. Sorry. I just stop. I just. I respect Cotto. He's good fight. I know this. So I just tell him. You know. Just. Be ready. Just Cotto. Be ready. I am ready. I want this fight. It's respect. It's good box. For people. For HBO. For T.V. too. It's just. Be ready.

Kellerman: Thank you Gennady. That is all the time we have tonight. Miguel. Sergio. Thank you both for being here and we look forward to seeing you on June 7th, HBO Pay-Per-View. I'm sure the world will be watching. For HBO Face Off, I am Max Kellerman. Good night.

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