A Modest Proposal

Hi everyone. I am a long time BLH reader, although I am new to having a profile and this is my first post -of any kind- ever. I really respect everybody's opinion on this site and, as Bobmour posted the other day, God Bless BLH.

That being said, I just have one question, why doesn't Floyd Mayweather, or someone similar, fight on network television? This is just something that I have always wondered.

When Steve Cunningham and Tomasz Adamek fought in late 2012 on NBC they topped out at 4 million viewers. When Leo Santa Cruz fought on CBS last, the fight averaged about 1.2 million viewers, both making them very highly rated when you put them up against fights on HBO and Showtime. Also, if memory serves right both of those fights were on during a Saturday afternoon and early evening, not exactly when a lot of people are watching television.

When it comes to making money I think that advertising revenue could more than make up for the lake of pay-per-view revenue. Charging advertisers significantly more for have their logo in the ring and commercials in between rounds, such as Friday Night Fights does. Also, and I cannot believe I am about to say this guys, but Golden Boy Live! has it right with putting those Corona banner ads sometimes in-between rounds, keeping them from going into to a commercial break while still making me realize how much fun I could be having if I leave the house and drink a bunch of Corona.

The reason that I think that an idea like this could interest guys behind the scenes is that if they threw a guy like Mayweather on network television it would be the most watched boxing match in decades. Coming off the highest earning pay-per-view in history this would be an opportunity to have draw more of the public to see a master at his work along with another opportunity to feed his ego, highest earning ever and most watched in decades. When Floyd is on a pay-per-view it draws nearly all fans of boxing, hardcore fans and casual fans. The only ones that it fails to interest is a group that I am going to call "curious onlookers". These curious onlookers would not consider themselves so much boxing fans as just sports fans but would watch because they know the Floyd Mayweather and they know he should be a big deal. They want to see what he is about but do not care enough -or do not have the means to- order it or go out to a bar or movie theater and watch it there. Whenever I think of these people I tend to picture my parents, who watch the fights when I would order them and have people over, but otherwise are not interested enough to do it themselves.

Putting a big name on Saturday night television should gather huge ratings being that Saturday isn’t that big of a regular television day -mostly just marathons of Monk and Law And Order: SVU- so an event like this would gather big share of the ratings.

I know that CBS owns Showtime but I don’t know how much power they hold over them in mandate them to put a big fight on CBS but I think they can throw enough weight for it to be done.

Please don’t take this as an ode to Floyd because it’s not. I just used him and a solid example of this being done since the pay-per-view numbers show he is the biggest draw in all of boxing.

I am sure this has been discussed before and thusly turned down. But can someone please explain to me why this is not realistic? Or am I on to something here?

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