Tony Thompson: All opponents are a threat to Tyson Fury because he can't fight

Tony Thompson faces Odlanier Solis this weekend in Istanbul, but he's still got Tyson Fury on his mind, and he still doesn't have good thoughts about the British heavyweight.

After a pair of wins in 2013 against David Price, American heavyweight veteran Tony Thompson called out Tyson Fury repeatedly, but the challenges weren't answered. Thompson, who lost to Kubrat Pulev in August 2013 and faces Odlanier Solis on Saturday in Istanbul, Turkey, still has Fury on his mind.

"He is a loudmouth guy, he's talking his way into big fights and hasn't done anything," said Thompson. "At least David Price's people had the gumption and balls to put him in with a live heavyweight. Tyson has never been in the ring with anyone like me," said Thompson.

"All of his opponents pose a threat to him simply because he can't fight. But they haven't put him in there with anyone who is capable of exposing him, although a few people almost did it. If Cunningham was a legitimate heavyweight he would have stopped Fury easily. A couple of other guys would have beat his ass."

Thompson (38-4, 26 KO) is focused for the time being on Solis, however, as he should be.

"I'm excited," said Thompson. "If Odlanier comes in in good shape I think it will be a good fight for the fans. I'm looking forward to the fight and am excited for the fans and also myself because I can get back in at number two.

"Solis is a legitimate guy and I can't afford to take my attention of him for a minute. I'm not thinking of anyone except Solis but once that fight is over I want anyone that is going to get me closer to Wladimir, those are fights I want. The fight with Solis makes me number two in the IBF, that's one fight away from the mandatory shot again."

Solis (20-1, 13 KO) is famous for being a great amateur in Cuba, and for not always staying in shape as a professional -- in fact, one could say he's rarely truly been in shape in the pros.

"Tony Thompson doesn't know what's coming for him. My only goal is to become heavyweight champion of the world. And I won't let anybody stop me on my way. I will beat Tony Thompson and go on to become world champion," Solis said.

BoxNation will televise the Solis-Thompson card in the United Kingdom tomorrow at 3:00 pm EDT / 8:00 pm UK time. BLH will have live coverage of the show.

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