Louie Louie Louie: How He Did It, Part 1 or 3

Louie Louie Louie? Part 1 of 3 (Parts 2 and 3 will attempt to breakdown
the Berto, and then the Hatton fight in reverse chronological order).

So how did he do it? Here's my version.

Round 1

First, he didn't do anything crazy here. He was mostly scouting the scene:
he kept his distance when he could, he kept a shoulder roll guard to protect

himself from right hooks, body shots, and was able to shoulder roll the straight

left up top with the back of his right shoulder several times.

Blocking with Elbow:

Elbow Block

Blocking Right Hook with high back hand in Shoulder Roll:

High Block

Shoulder Roll Block from Left to the Head:

High Shoulder Block

Defensively, Collazo also dips from the waist a lot to avoid everything: jabs, cross,
and right hooks. Overall, he's just slick and moves his head well too.

Dipping 1

Dipping 2

Stance wise, Collazo lines his front foot or front shoulder along Ortiz's center
line so that his jab or cross can split his guard. This gives an offensive advantage,
while defensively if you look closely his crouching (ie - Blackburn crouch, an old school
stance in which the head is placed off the line of attakc) allows his head to be off
the line of attack so that he could easily dip when he sees an attack while
Ortiz he has to reach across his body more to land the left hand on Collazo's head.

Old School Stance:

Bhop Stance

Collazo's stance (notice his head is off the line):

Collazo Stance.

He flashed his jabs, had some sucess with 1-2's, and was starting to find some openings
over Ortiz's right hand. Notice, with Ortiz's new trainer (no longer Danny Garcia)
his fighting stance had changed: it's no longer a peek-a-boo guard which protects
his chin and make it easier for him to block and deflect shots then a convention

stance with the front hand in front which could leave openings behind his right

glove for:

- straight and overhand lefts behind the glove
- right jabs and left hands down the middle

In addition, while in Ortiz's more conventional stance he does not hold his gloves
as high as when he held a peek a boo so leaves so many openings over his gloves,
between his gloves, and around the gloves. Particularly he kept his right glove
low and got tagged a lot.

Ortiz's old guard:

Old Guard 1

Old Guard 2

Ortiz's new guard:

New Guard 1

New Guard 2

Collazo capitalized on this flaw.

Down the middle:

Left Down Middle

Jab down the Middle:

Jab 1

Jab 2

Around Glove:

Victor About to Eat it.

Clean Hit.

Collazo also did a good job at throwing some feints in the beginning to gauge Ortiz's
reactions and to throw off his timing.

He also started doing the Floyd Mayweather-esque 1-2 and bob left under any
possible counters (the Mayweather started doing in the Mosley fight and recently
the Canelo fight where he throws a lead right and bobs right off the punch).

Collazo circled and stepped off the line to create angles in the second half
of round 1 to find some openings and land some shots.

Round 2

The double jab left cross were effective in going right between his guard. He also started
double jabbing and throwing over the right guard (to mix it up and confuse him).
Collazo has a great double jack cross (sorry Jack Lowe!).

He tried to tame Ortiz's aggression, while slow walking him down to get that medium
range where his more compact and more fundamentally sound punches would reach first.

Last 30 secs, Collazo finds the right range just outside the pocket to unleash his
right hook (which he does earlier in the round, state place) through Ortiz's
wide open guard in the middle

And the finale: Collazo has an idea about the trajectory of the looping left hand
of Ortiz, so he boldly performs a front shoulder block to stop the punch's momentum
and trajectory. This is not a block I see often in boxing, but it requires a twist
and a push forward to stop the punch before it's fully extended thus completely stopping
the momentum and course of the punch. With the half thrown punch being stopped, Ortiz
is wide open for a right hook counter. Shazaam. Ortiz is flattened!

Slow Gif of Shoulder Block Knockout.

This post is to give Collazo credit for this win (and his skills), and to take
away the whole reaction about how "Ortiz gave this victory away." I believe Collazo
outskilled and outwiled him, and countered much harder than Ortiz would have expected.

It is the reasons above that I consider Collazo an elite fighter with elite skills,
however, with average talent which makes it all the more remarkable to me
(and the reason why people find him unremarkable: lacking unreal athleticism,
supreme speed, one punch KO power, and not a flashy fighter.

In parts 2 or 3 I may discuss Collazo's use of other defensive tactics including
"horizontal" head slips (I don't know the true definition of it). It's when
the body or parallel with the ground, and slipping hooks and uppercuts are done
but rotate or sliding the body/shoulders side to side in an arc as opposed to
being upright and moving side to side like a pendulum (I've noticed only
Henry Armstrong, James Toney, and a few old school fighters using this type of slipping).

(for example:)

Henry Armstrong 10 sec clip.

I was going to post more pictures and gifs, but I'm tired and lazy! Enjoy!

It is for this reason that I believe Khan will have his hands full in May. Have a
nice day! :D

Also, I have no idea how to post media on fan posts apparently, sorry! :D

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