Danny Garcia vs. Mauricio Herrera BREAKDOWN

Hello, all.

I figured before every big fight, or at least most of the big fights, I will post my analysis, breakdown, and prediction. One thing I'd like to ask is; no arguing on any of these fan posts. In the comment section, please write who you think will win the fight, and why. I always love hearing other's opinions before fights, because seeing different view points only make the fight more fun. Also, I'd love for anyone who likes the article, or respects it, to "rec" it. I'd like for as many people as possible to see the thread (before the fight), and as many comments/viewpoints as possible. I'd like the fan post to be visible on the homepage until after the fight (March 15th), so no matter if I win or lose, the post has credibility and accountability. I can only ask for the great comments, compliments and rec's my article received on my last breakdown.

With that said, let's start my breakdown:

On March 15th, the undisputed light welterweight champion Danny Garcia (25) and the respected Mauricio Herrera (33) will fight for the multiple belts owned by Danny Garcia. I know many consider this as just a stay busy fight for Danny Garcia. That it is. Danny Garcia is clearly much classier than Herrera is, and Herrera (while a good fighter) is clearly not on the level as Garcia's previous opponents, all of whom in which he has beat. I think we'd all agree that Herrera is not specifically on the champion's level.

With that being said, let me truly breakdown what I think will happen, or should happen, in this fight. We all know about Danny Garcia, one of boxing's elite young stars. He is truly a boxer, or better put boxer-puncher. He stays in the pocket, does not do anything crazy ... he has reasonable power to keep opponents honest, he comes from very odd angles, and his best weapon ... the best timing in the game.

Mauricio Herrera is no slouch, if you look at his fights. Herrera is a pure boxer, however he's proved in his previous fights he can step out of his comfort zone. Herrera has quick hands, a useful jab and a granite chin.

Depending on how Herrera fights, I think this could be an interesting fight. If you look at Danny Garcia's previous opponents, most of them are willing to fight toe-to-toe. Guys like Matthysse who do it for a living, and guys like Khan who has the ability to do otherwise, but chose going inside and got KO'd by Garcia.

The way I look at it, if Herrera can use the whole ring, keep Garcia off him with his jab, and piece together combinations ... I think it is going to be interesting. I'm not saying he'd win, I'm saying it'll be interesting because it is a new challenge for Danny Garcia.

Again, this is assuming he does fight this type of fight .... against Mike Alvarado, Herrera fought on the inside and it was probably not the correct idea. Herrera can be tempted to go inside easy. However, let's say he fought like he did against Ruslan ... staying on the outside, utilizing the jab, I think he'll hang tough against Danny Garcia.

Now, with that being said. I simply don't think he is classy enough for Danny Garcia. I love breaking down fights, and I honestly try to objectively look at their fights, and how styles collide, which in my opinion, is the deciding factor in 90% of fights. However, sometimes it gets to the point of one being outclassed by the other.

Danny Garcia is just too good a counter puncher, too good at timing, and simply too good at winning. He is 27-0 against world class fighters and is 117-13 as an amateur. He is not the most flashy fighter, but he knows how to win.

I'll promise to everyone, on 99% of my breakdowns, I will not just list the opponents the fighters both beat, but I'm doing it now ...

Danny Garcia has beaten Lucas Matthysse (UD 12), Zab Judah (UD 12), Erik Morales (UD 12 and KO 4), Amir Khan (TKO 4), Kendall Holt (SD 12), and a couple other notable fights. The simple class of Garcia seems to be just too much for Herrera. Herrera has beaten a couple of good fighters, including a pre-Roach Ruslan, and has hung tough against Mike Alvarado.

In my eyes, Danny Garcia will be able to effectively time this fast boxer ... I do think Herrera will give some problems early on, because I think Danny Garcia will take a couple of rounds to adjust to Herrera's style. I think Danny Garcia will counter decisively, land with precision, and simply walk through Herrera.

Of course, a fighter can always win by one punch KO, but Herrera does not have enough power to drop Garcia. I'm going to take Garcia here, to win decisively over 12 rounds, in a unanimous decision.

In my mind, this fight comes down to how much Herrera works the ring and remains on the outside. If he does that, he'll probably wins 2-3 rounds. If he does not, I'm thinking he'll be lucky to win 1 or 2 rounds.

THE PICK: (favorite) Danny Garcia

Hope y'all liked it, please don't forget to comment and rec! :D

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