Angulo Should Have Never Made it Past the Weigh In

Tony Week's stoppage last night between Canelo vs Angulo was a good one. I consider it the very example of Christian charity and Godly mercy. It was no less an act than when Caesar gave a thumbs up granting a defeated gladiator his life. This morning, Angulo can thank Weeks he is able to hold his daughter he loves so much.

For the naysayers, just because one is a professional boxer and perhaps even at the top of one's game does not give that boxer the right to get bashed, beaten, bruised and bloodied the entire night. Boxing is sport and competition. Meaning, it takes two willing and capable individuals to make a match.

More is required than just showing up. If you can't fight back, you don't need to be fighting. Hell, I would have stopped it in the 5th. By that point I had seen enough. Angulo had no answer and no retaliatory ability from the fist bell until Weeks finally stepped in to end the tortuous display we paid to watch.

Which brings me to my next point. The pictures at the weigh in told me all I needed to know. Sure, Alverez failed to make weight but at least he looked healthy, even if he was a little dried out and sallow for his trouble. Angulo, on the other hand, looked downright scary. He was all spine, ribcage, joints, and cheekbones. In other words, he looked like a POW, or worse, a real life walking reminder of the holocaust.

What does this have to do with the fight? Only Everything!

Angulo was slow, lethargic, spent and that was just from the ring walk and entrance. When the fight started and the men engaged, I noticed immediately that his legs were shot. The man moved as if he was trudging through quicksand, throwing punches from the bottom of a pool, and doing this, of course, while trying to fight off a world-beater.

That he was unable to move and avoid punishment was not nearly concerning as his inability to work up the energy to fire off even three consecutive punches. A man can take some punishment while delivering equally punishing counterpunches. You know the three-for-one concept. Angulo, though, was so slow and his punches lacked any snap or bad intentions, Alvarez found it safe and enjoyable to toy with him on the ropes, snatching and slapping his punches way while countering unmercifully. This is something I do with my 6-year-old son, folks.

The bottom-line is that Angulo was an unhealthy fighter when the bell rang. He was sick, malnourished, starved and unable to compete. This was a pathetic spectacle where the powers that be rolled out a damaged fighter.

My complaint is that Weeks waited until the 10th round to stop the fight. I heard that Stevie Wonder got up and walked out under protest. Even he had seen enough.

My criticism is that Virgil Hunter, a supposed boxing guru, rolled out damaged goods dressed up as a boxer and threw him against a man that quite possibly did or could have seriously inured him or worse.

My concern is that no doctor or official was not horrified by Angulo's physical condition the day before the fight.

This was no boxing match.

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