Pacquiao vs Bradley II: Freddie Roach discusses the game plan, Bradley's socks, on Manny's motivations to keep fighting

Freddie Roach speaks with Marcos Villegas about the upcoming Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley rematch, talking about the fight strategy, Tim Bradley's socks story, and Manny's reasons to keep going.

On why Pacquiao says he wants to throw 100 punches per round on April 12

"Because I told him, he wasn't busy enough in the first fight. He only fought one minute of each round. I told Manny, he needs to fight three minutes of each round to be dominant in this fight and make sure there are no close rounds. Maybe he didn't do enough. The first fight, it got so easy for him after six rounds, he started fighting just the last minute of every round, content that he was winning the rounds, but the judges didn't see it that way. So he needs to be more dominant in this fight, much busier, and I'm really happy that's in his mind. When he wants to do that, he can. He did that in the Rios. Bradley's a little faster than Rios, but not much better, though. He's not a runner where, like -- I think there are traps we can set, we can catch him on the ropes and in the corners. He's a durable guy, yes, but the thing is, if we throw that many punches and land that many, I think we'll knock him out somewhere along the way."

On Bradley's (lack of) power and taking more risks

"It doesn't give us much worry, but if anyone gets hit with the right shot, they can go. We're really not worried about his punching power so much. We can take a little more risk and chances, but to be honest with you, I really don't want Manny doing that so much or getting hit at all. I liked the Rios fight, he was in and out very fast with combinations. That's how I want him fighting in this fight. Quick combinations, don't stay in the pocket too long. Get out, make him miss, get back in. We have a good game plan down and he's perfected it. I think it's going to be great for this fight."

On Bradley's story about not wearing socks in 2012

"I went out and bought some socks for him. I sent them to him. Mike Tyson told me, I said, 'Mike, do you really fight with no socks?' He said, 'Are you crazy? I just like short socks. I never fought barefoot in my life.' I said, 'A lot of people think you do and copy that.' He said, 'They're idiots, then.' It wasn't that good a move. It wasn't our choice, it was his choice. I don't think socks are a magic cure for him."

On Pacquiao's motivations to continue fighting

"He says he's hungry to be the best, he wants to be number pound-for-pound again. He wants to be at that level. He still loves what he does. He still knows what he does best. When he becomes a better politician than fighter, I'm sure he'll go the other way, but that hasn't happened. He's still a very good fighter. His work ethic is great. He's still the hardest working fighter I've ever seen in my life, to this day."

On Manny not believing he's the best P4P

"Well, a lot of people don't, because of the loss to Bradley and the knockout loss [to Marquez]. He doesn't think he's number one right now. He knows he still has to climb the ladder a little bit more.'

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