Victor Ortiz in "The Expendables 3" - Trailer (with acting breakdown)

That's right team, here's the latest trailer for The Expendables 3. As the name of the trailer suggests, we get a rundown of the entire Expendables crew. And that means... VICTOR ORTIZ is in action. Yes! The trailer only goes for a minute five, but if you can't wait that long, as I couldn't, start it from the 45 second mark to catch Vic in action. Watch it, and then read below for full breakdown of his performance...

I'm not gonna lie to you, now listen up; the scene we get of Ortiz shows very good acting for a guy just breaking out into Hollywood. Yeah, we only see him for second or two in the trailer, nor do we hear him speak, but that's just details, and if you pay attention you really get the sense of what he was trying to accomplish. The scene starts with him being pulled from his army training (note the heavy bag in the background; we'll likely see Vic working it in the film) by some people of importance wanting to speak with him, possibly an invitation into the Expendables group. As he confidently walks towards the partially seen figures, he gives that quick head nod of acknowledgement to them, all the while looking quite confused as to why he's been summoned.

For me to get so much out of this tiny scene is a real testament to the nuanced performance Ortiz brings here. He's a very expressive actor and he gets his facial mannerisms and body language do the talking for him in this scene; his charisma and presence is in full effect. Ortiz's business savvy is also in effect. We see him "sweaty" in the scene, but in actual fact, as I understand from reliable sources, it isn't sweat at all but rather his very own VO by FaceLube smeared over his body. Fantastic use of product placement (however, given he wasn't actually holding the physical product, there could be issues of misinterpretation by the audience thinking that it simply is just sweat).

The trailer isn't all full of acting good news stories, however. The film will also feature MMA star, 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey. For her part in the trailer, we see what amateur hour acting truly is. I understand what she was shooting for here, casual cheeky look while loading a gun, but it doesn't come across as believable or genuine. You'll notice she struggles through the scene, with her left eye twitching when she smirks as if she's going through a very mild seizure. I shouldn't have to watch this thinking to myself if she needs a doctor; it really pulls me away from the cinematic experience.

All in all, I think this is a fantastic start for Ortiz in Hollywood, and I look forward to seeing him in my very first Expendables film by jumping right into the third one, out of context. I also look forward to seeing Ortiz's acting career explode in front of my very eyeballs.

I'll leave you with a quote from one of the best on BLH, which expresses my sentiments:

I hope that there is some kind of Ortiz v Ronda Rousey confrontation in the film. One of them is a professional fighter more widely recognised for their willingness to flaunt their sexuality by appearing in cosmetics commercials and Dancing With The Stars, the other one is Ronda Rousey.

by Eoin_not_ian on Jul 26, 2013 | 4:47 AM up rec (5)

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