Floyd vs. Pacquiao Simulations (Fight Night) - Fantasy Round by Round

Hello Everyone,

Well, I was bumbling around youtube yesterday and happened to chance on a fight night video game computer simulation of Cotto vs. Delvin Rodriguez. After watching some I was kind of amazed how accurate the simulation was to the actual fight, and how it ended with a right to the body (hook) and then a left hook upstairs for a late stoppage.

This made me think of Floyd vs. Pacquiao and I was amazed at what happened, and part of me was jealous because the simulation did show some competitive exchanges and rounds - it made me think just HOW competitive and high level of a fight it would regardless of the excitement level of the fight. In addition to being highly skilled, it led me to appreciate how much grit and heart each have - they never lay down for anyone. I don't necessarily agree how 2 out of 3 simulations finished, but they were pretty consistent. It's also striking (I haven't thought about this fight in a long time) that it'd be the best offensive fighter of our generation vs. the best defensive fighter.

Here's how my round by round would go, yours? I'd like to make a fanpost to see how fans scored Hatton Collazo too; I think that's a big topic for discussion.

Round 1:

Floyd and Pac meet in the middle. The fans are roaring (we're talking 2010 baby!). Mayweather circles left and moves his hands in front of and starts to relax in there. Pacquiao has a high guard and is on his toes and is bouncing up and down, in and out. Pac throws a jab to the body . Floyd blocks it and pivots out to the left. Pac moves a bit to the right to try to get him along the ropes. Floyd tries a jab to the body and quickly moves away. Pac tries a lead left and Floyd dips from the waist and avoids it. Pac does a double jab left cross and gets closer. Floyd is still seeing and feeling. Pac throws a 4 punch flurry and Floyd pops his with a counter right cross right in the face, Pac nods his head and claps his gloves together. Pac feints, feints, double jab left cross, Floyd is on the ropes. Pac throws 5 punches, and Floyd rolls and blocks all of them and spins off the ropes. Back in the middle of the ring, Floyd tilts left, his weight on the front foot, and fires a lead right which is blocked by Pac, and lets a flurry of 2-3 body shots to Pacquiao. Pac throws back with a partial land up top. Bell rings.

10-9 Pacquiao for aggression. No damage from each side.

Roger tells Floyd to outbox him, he ain't got shit, and stay off the ropes. He fast, he got no technique. Bossing is a thinking man's game! Freddie mumbles coherently to Manny about stay aggressive, don't get caught, but throw lots of flurries.

Round 2:

Floyd comes to the middle and throws a lead right and then follows up with a left hook which clips Pacquiao. Pacquiao fires a left and hits in the face and Floyd backs off. Floyd circles left, then right and dances around the ring. Pac goes jab jab cross again, Floyd holds, Pac wails on his body and Floyd laughs and looks over at the HBO crew. Bayless breaks them up. Pac gallops over to Floyd and lets off a jab cross right hook, Floyd is react and careful. Floyd creates space again, Pac lands a left to the body, Floyd just misses a counter. Pac gets him on the ropes again and lets off 6-8 punches to the body and head. Some partial connects, but nothing there. Floyd goes back to the middle. Floyd starts firing the jab, a few land square on Pac, but does not bother him. Lead right lands for Floyd and holds. Bayless breaks them up, Pac lands a good 1-2 that backs up Floyd, and floyd bites down and lands a 1-2, and works the body. Pac starts flurrying in between his punches and they start exchanging for 5 seconds into the bell. They stare each other down, and Floyd starts talking and Pacquiao smiles.

10 - 9 Pacquiao for aggression, some judges give 10-9 Floyd for his precision, and his taking over the 2nd half of the round

Freddie tells Manny to let his hands go. This is the moment we've been waiting for. Floyd's corner tell him throw some combinations, let his hands go, get this man off of him.

Round 3:

They meet at center ring. Pac throws a 1-2, and throws 5-7 punches while moving over to the right. Most of them were blocked or ducked under, but Pac is warming up. Floyd throws a lead right and gets into his shoulder roll stance in the pocket. Manny throws 4 punches that were blocked, and gets in a lead left to the jaw (best punch of the fight) and Floyd responds with a right hand. As Manny is resetting Floyd nails him with a lead left hook, and throws 3 punches and is out of the pocket as Manny swings at air. Floyd has space now, the fight has slowed down and Manny is walking /following him around the ring. Manny steers him to the ropes and lets off 3-4 punches; blocked. Floyd holds him and looks at the clock. Floyd throws some stinging jabs, and catches Manny with a right hand as he comes in and goes to the body. Manny lets lose a flurry and backs him into the corner and throws 10 unanswered punches; some partial connects but no clean shots.

10-9 Floyd for pacing and precision

Freddie gives him some technical corrections (audio unclear), Roger lets out expletives. Hbo crew talking about "once a generation this" and "once a generation that" and to tune into Real Sports with Brian Gumbo.

Round 4:

Round 4 starts with Floyd charging from the gates and backs up Manny who is a bit surprised. Manny is along the ropes and Floyd walks him down. Manny dances away easily but Floyd is cutting off the ring. Manny lands a jab up top and a left to the body and a right hook to the body to finish it, slides right and throws a double left. The last left got Floyd's attention and floyds land a right as he's exiting the pocket. Manny responds with some fast winging shots to the hand, and lands one clean on his temple. Floyd holds but Manny continues punching with one free hand for 5 secs before Bayless separates them. There is a look of concern on Floyd's face, but he crouches and shows poise and he looks at Manny with a focused express. Floyd throws a lead right, blocked, Manny throws 2-3 punches, Floyd blocks them. Floyd catches him with a good shot upstairs and downstairs. The bell rings. Manny claps his gloves and looks pumped up and bounces continually and stares at Floyd as Floyd gets back to the corner.

10 -9 Floyd on ring generalship, but Manny is making him pay from time to time

More expletives from Roger. Freddie is pumping up Manny and is telling him "Son, you gotta steer him to the ropes". Pac looks a little bit stressed and tired.

Round 5:

Pac comes out strong. He throws a series of punches: jab cross right hook runs forward with 5 more punches. The last one catches Floyd and he holds. Bayless separates. Floyd throws some stinging jabs, counters pac with a right on his way in. Floyd slides forward and wraps a looping right hand behind Manny's guard and catches him to the body with a left hook to the body and a right uppercut upstairs and the spins away. Manny gets him with a left as he exits, and throws 6 punches but Floyd's feet are too fast and Floyd is back in the middle and reset. Jab, jab, jab, from Floyd, counter left hook on Manny as he comes in. Fight slows down again, and pot shotting, feinting, and movement from Floyd and holding to end the round.

10- 9 Floyd.

Freddie starts to have some urgency. He tells Manny the first half is almost over and he's down. He needs to pressure and cut off the ring on this guy like they practiced on the gym. Roger says juss' like that man. This guy ain't got shyeet. Outbox this motherf*(*)#*.

Round 6:

Floyd starts off moving and jabbing, and Manny just typhoons him throwing 15 punches and chasing him along the ropes. It's not too different from running from a boar with a steak in your hand. Pac wails and wails for the first minute. Floyd has his mouth open, as pac is leaning his head on his chest Floyd pops him with a right uppercut, and Manny responds with a right hook and Floyd blocks with his left shoulder and pivots left off of the ropes. Pac starts moving forward; lead right lands by Floyd and holds. Pac struggles to get off the clinch and turns him and wrestles more. Bayless breaks them and looks at Manny and tells him to keep it clean. Pac moves forward, jab, jab, jab, from floyd, check left hook lands. Manny back on his toes, head bobbing side to side. Floyd throws and misses and Pac gets a few grazing body shots along the ropes. Bell rings. Floyd smiles as he walks away. Pac claps his gloves and tilts his head down in frustration.

10 - 9 Floyd

Freddie telling him okay, first half is done. you gotta give me something son.

Roger asking Floyd how he's feeling, and giving him water.

Round 7:

Pac shows more movement and Floyd is the aggressor. Floyd jabs and Pac counters with a lead left and ducks under a counter. Floyd shuffles forward and Pac circles. Three punches partially connected by Pacquiao and moves away. Floyd smiles and shakes his head. 2-3 punches from Floyd missed and ducked under by Pac. 3 punches from Pac blocked. Some holding and resting now. Floyd flashes that jab to the body again and catches pac upstairs. Pac flurries but hits air. Floyd jabs again and Pac counters with a right hook, and Floyd backs to the corner as Pac wails away. Last 30 seconds sees Pac punching and punching and floyd countering occasionally countering and exchanging too. Pac stares him down as Floyd looks down on his way to his corner.

10-9 Pac on aggression and a few clean shots.

Roger telling his nephew he gotta start being more aggressive. This guy ain't gonna get off him with one or two shots. Freddie telling Manny just like that, keep doing what you're doing. Keep your right hand up for left hooks.

Round 8

Round starts. Manny starts with a left that connects. Floyd is dazed for a moment and Manny keeps throwing and throwing along the ropes. Only one punch gets in. Floyd holds. Bayless breaks it up. Manny throws 3-4 punches, and Floyd catches him with a counter and gets 3 punches off clean. Manny holds. Bayless breaks up. Manny nails him with a left and Floyd backs into the ropes with his ear muffs on, Pac wails and he holds. Floyd has his elbow on his chin to create space and a right hand to Pac backs him up. Just as soon as he lands Pac is back with 2-3 punches, Floyd looks stunned for the first time in the fight and Manny wails to the body while Floyd slides along the ropes in a high guard. Floyd hits the corner and is trapped the last 10 secs. Bell rings and Manny gives him one look as he turns to his corner.

10-9 Manny.

Water on both fighter's heads as both trainers try to rally their fighters for more effort.

Round 9:

Manny starts strong with a one two; the left grazes Floyd. Floyd catches him with a left hook counter, and gets off two body shots, and a right upstairs as he leaves the pocket. Manny comes in strong, but his attacks are losing a little pop. Floyd holds. Bayless breaks them up. Jabs from Floyd, Manny following him around the ring. Lead right is blocked by Manny. Some sloppy exchanges, more holding. Bayless breaks them up. Some posturing and showboating. Bell rings.


More yelling from the corner.

Round 10:

Jabs from Floyd. Manny comes in and Floyd gets him with a body shot and moves again. Manny throws flurries and flurries, but Floyd has adjusted. Manny steers him to the ropes again and gets the top of the head with a left and more body work; rests his head on Floyds chest. Bayless breaks them up. Manny comes in again and tries to get him on the ropes. Jab, jab, cross from Floyd (Pac dips), jab jab jab, lead right Pac blocks it. Flurry from Pac blocked, and Floyd gets a good shoulder roll right hand. Pac chases him around the ring. Bell rings.

10-9 Floyd

Desperation from Freddie. Says Manny needs a KO.

Round 11:

Floyd moves and jabs. Manny flurries but can't catch him. Lots of holding. Floyd potshotting, but not landing much. Manny is visibly slowed down. Fight's in the center of the ring and Floyd is dictating pace. Last minute Manny unleashes one last flurry and is moving Floyd around the ring. Bell rings.

10-9 Pacquiao

HBO says this round is for grabs.

Freddie telling Pac to let everything out. Roger tells Floyd to fight safe.

Round 12:

They meet in the middle and touch both gloves. Crowd is on their feet. Manny lands a clean 1-2, but then Floyd holds. He looks at the clock as they're broken up. Manny lands a left cross right hook. Floyd lands 3 shots, Manny lands 2 more. Manny walks into an uppercut on his way end, and gets nailed with a left hook that has him stumbling over off balance. He claps his gloves and throws them in the air. We have a FIGHT! One two lands from manny, Floyd throws 4 and lands 2. Pac bulls him along the ropes and lands 3-4 shots. Floyd holds and dances out. Floyd lands a lead right as manny closes in and ducks the counter. lead left hook right cross from floyd, body shots. Last flurry from Pac is blocked by floyd along the ropes. 10 secs left and they both throw and leave caution to the wind. Bell rings. They hug and Floyd taps him on the head with a glove.


Judge's cards: 115-113 for Pacquiao, 115-113 for Floyd, and 116-112 for Floyd. And NEW So-and-So welterweight champion of the world! Pac claps his hand, Floyd comes over they smile and exchange words, pump fists, and hug. Pac talks with Roger, and Floyd shakes Freddie's hand. They congratulate each other in the post fight interview. They both say they're open for rematch, but Floyd says he wants to take a break and spend time with his family for a while first. Pac says he thinks he won the fight, but Floyd's a great fighter. He thinks he can beat him for sure next time. Paulie is in the crowd probably telling everyone how poor Pac's technique is. Paris Hilton is there with some male model douche.

Btw- I'm more of a Pac fan, but this is really how the fight would have played out in my head. Other alternatives would be for Pac to hurt him early, and have him running and holding and fighting for his life like Ortiz Berto, or for Floyd to figure him out and outbox him for 9 boring rounds.

I'll share the simulation videos now. (there's actually a Maidana Mayweather one, and hilariously a Pacquiao Donaire one). I'm such a boxing nerd. I'm watching Floyd vs. Sugar Ray Leonard now, and the moves in that fight is actually even more realistic in my eyes of how it would actually go down than even the Pacquiao fight :

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