Floyd Mayweather is a "Duck"!!

Now that I've gotten your attention with that title....

It's a common belief among many boxing fans that Floyd Mayweather 'ducked' Manny Pacquiao and other fighters over the years (disclosure--I don't hold this sentiment)

With that being said, I stumbled across an article that is either a hilarious conincidence or one of the most inventive cases of internet trolling in history.

The title of the article is "A 'life-changing' meeting with Floyd Mayweather inspires 3 Oregon DUCKS to work harder"

It's about a meeting between Mayweather and 3 members of the Oregon "DUCKS" college football team that really inspired the players!

Here are some choice excerpts:

"...But after watching, alongside teammates Arik Armstead and Pharaoh Brown, the undefeated boxer train for three hours straight with little to no breaks, the DUCKS left with a new understanding that success is no accident...."

"....It was not a new realization for the DUCKS. Yet the power of Mayweather's three-hour display landed with the force of the eight-time world champ's right hook..."

"The meet-up between the 37-year-old boxer -- who at 5-foot-8 is a foot shorter than Armstead, a defensive lineman -- and trio of DUCKS started at a Vegas mall. When walking past a Louis Vuitton store that had been closed for Mayweather's personal shopping spree -- he did earn $85 million in 2013 after all, without endorsements -- the players noticed a bodyguard wearing the Mayweather logo around his neck on a chain. That prompted them to ask … is the champ really inside?

He was, and invited the DUCKS to watch him train the next day."

"....After dodging punches in the ring for hours, Mayweather found himself peppered with post-workout questions from the DUCKS..."


"And maybe this season, Prevot hopes, the DUCKS will not only sound like Mayweather but be undefeated like the champ, too."


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