HOWLkins III: The Shumenov Media Conference. Verbatim, with Liberties Taken for Structure

People have overlooked Bernard Hopkins even with titles

I have records to prove,

But at the same time, I know what that can do to a guy.

It can motivate a guy

And also can put pressure on a guy,

And that's the blessing

And that's the education

That I come from both sides.

I'm still around to understand

How he feels


How he has to be motivated,

What motivates him,


That's dealing with the IQ


That's dealing with the experience


That's the luxury that I have

In the game today

Amongst anybody I fight


It's Shumenov,


It's Stevenson,


Whoever you name.

It doesn't matter


I've been here longer than any boxer

That's boxing right now

In a respectful level and position,

And I think that's an honor.

As Beibut said, he wanted to unify the titles.

I'm answering that call

Because I want to do the same damn thing,

And now,

We have the pieces in line

That has the same mentality

It gives you something to write about.

It gives the fans and anybody that's listening

That comes along after you,

It gives them a chance


To say

We unified the title in that division,

Maybe become a good disease,

A good virus

That might spread through other

Weight divisions

And that would be good, I think, for boxing.

I mean that's my opinion,

I could be wrong.

I've been in this game almost three decades,

And there's no style through the amateurs,

Short amateur career I had,

I didn't have 100 fights,

I didn't have 50 fights,

But the short amateur career that I had,

That and the one

In state penitentiary


That it's no style,

I repeat,

There's no style

On this

Planet earth

Dealing with boxing that I haven't seen

Or been in the ring with.

It's nothing I haven't seen

That I've been in this game

For 26, 27 years

That's going to surprise me April 19,

And that's not underestimating anybody.

That's not overlooking.

That's just keeping it real

By the time I've been in this game

And by the time I've been a student

And still

Considered a student,

A little

Edge of a teacher

In this game that I'm in.

It's not my job to think

About what a man can do to me,

I can do to him.

I never had a big brother.

I am the big brother

Of six siblings.

So, I never had a big brother to look over me in case something happened.

Now, I let my challenge

Speak for itself.

I let my history

Speak for itself.

I let the last

Five or six fights

Or 17 years

Speak for themselves.

We're going to fight, and if


Does something

They're not supposed to do,

You got checks

And balances

That will check that.

It's not my job.

I can't be a fighter

And the referee.

I wouldn't even bring that up to you.

That's irrelevant.

It's ridiculous,

And if he said it

Or you said it,

Whoever said it,

It's just

Not the point.

The point is

That you've got a guy in there,

It's the reason he's in there,

And the bottom line is

I'm going to come across

And bring my talent to a level

Where people are going to be

Talking about something else,

And they're going to be excited

And they're going to

Look forward

For what comes next,

And that's how I feel,

And that's how I'm training

And that's how I live."

I can't take it fight by fight because that's boring.

That's like going to work

And not knowing if you're going to get fired each day.

My thing is

I always have long-term goals just to stay alive,

But they are realistic goals,

And I believe the realistic goals compared to the goals you just had,

Is nothing but a dream.

It's nothing

But something

Just to fool yourself,

And then reality comes in

When those times go by

And you looking at that date that you have

To have things done

That aren't done,

You get to now

Looking at reality

And then

You just die.

So, my thing is yes,

As long as I live

And breathe this air

Called life

In my lungs.

So, yes,

That's how I operate.

That's how I function."

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