Fictional Fighter Series: I need Your Votes and Participation to Crown the Best Movie Heavyweight Fighter via Tournament.



There are a lot of portrayals of heavyweight champions and I decided that we, the Bad Left Hook community, are the most qualified people to crown the best heavyweight champion out there. From this point forward these fighters are real fighters and will be talked about in such a way.

I have decided to include only fighters that were portrayed by actual people and I have avoided pitting fighters that fought each other. That means no video games or animated fighters on are the list. Some of these fighters were portrayed by real fighters but you are not judging them on their real life accomplishments. You judging them solely on what they did in their movie! Also this tourney would pit each fighter as they were in the movie.

The records for Steve and Jack Jefferson are the real life records of Max Baer and Jack Johnson up to that point. I know there are records for George Chambers and James Roper but I can't find them. If anyone knows them feel free to tell me and if anything else is wrong let me know!

Rocky is the number one overall seed but I would like to seed the other number one fighters. In the comments write Vote - George Chambers.

That would mean you are voting George Chambers as the number one seed in his region. The fighters will be seeded again after the first round. The voting will follow the same rules for each round. After the fighters are seeded the tournament will start with a fight per day. I have high hopes and hope that there is a lot of participation!

The list is as follows (they are broken into regions):

ROCKY REGION ( I know I said I would avoid matching fighters that fought in the movie but I don't want an all Rocky Final)

Rocky Balboa (57-23-1 51 KO) - I don't think that I need to introduce him but if you are unaware he is 5'9" and 195 pound southpaw with a 74" reach. He held the heavyweight title two times, defending it 10 times in his first regin. He defeated the great champion Apollo Creed to win title and held big wins over young power puncher Clubber lang and steriod fueled Ivan Drag in a non title fight. Also has losses to Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed.

James "Clubber" Lang (57-1 57 KO) - Lang is 5'11" 230 pounds with a 77" reach and is also a southpaw. He defeated Rocky Balboa by KO-2 to win the title but lost it in his next fight, to Rocky, by KO-2 and was never seen again.

Apollo Creed (48-2 47 KO) - Creed is 6'2" 210 pounds with a 76" reach. He was a one time heavyweight title but defended it an astonishing 22 times, 21 of those wins by KO, before losing it to Rocky. Holds a win over Rocky but was beaten to death by Ivan Drago.

Ivan Drago (32-1 32 KO) - Drago is 6'5" 268 pounds with an 80" reach.He went 100-1 (100 KO) as an amateur. He is a powerful man with the aid of steroids and wins the heavyweight title after the Rocky loss. He fights Rocky when he is the champion but it is an unsanctioned fight that Drago loses. His biggest win is when a 24-year-old Drago beats the 42-year-old Creed, who is coming off of a five year retirement, to death. The loss to Rocky was not included on his offical record and he turns pro after the fall of The Soviet Union and goes 31-0 (31 KO) but never fights the top fighters due to promotional differences and it is possible that he beat Tommy Gunn for the title.


Toro Moreno (42-1 42 KO) - Moreno is 6'8" and 275 pounds. The 27-year-old fighter from Argentina is all about size and strength. He scores his knockouts with clubbing blows by using his big fists and massive arms. He was 38-0 (38 KO) before coming to the United States and scoring four wins. He was then matched with the heavyweight champion and was beaten brutally and lost. He then retired.

Luis Rivera (52-9-2 31 KO) - Rivera is 5'11" 190 pounds and is on a 16 fight winning streak. He is an inside fighter and was ranked as high as #7 in the world. He is very durable and pulls the upset often. He was one fight away from the heavyweight title.

Steve (38-7 29 KO) - The one named Steve is a 6'2 1/2" 221 pound fighter with a 81" reach. The former sailer and bouncer turned pro and went on a solid run before facing the much larger champion Carnera and being pummled for most of the fight. After being reunited with his trainer during the fight he goes on to earn a draw but not the title.

Jack Jefferson (41-5-8 25 KO) - Jefferson is 6'0 1/2" 200 pound fighter with a 74" reach. Jefferson held the title for five years between 1915 and 1920 and defeated all of The Great White Hopes put in front of him.


"Irish" Terry Conklin (0-1) - Terry Conklin was one of the best amateurs around. Conklin quits boxing after the amateurs and fronts a metal band while promoting peace. Conklin is coaxed into the ring with by a big payday that he can help out the homeless with. He defeated current heavyweight champion James Roper in the amateurs. Conklin gets a heavyweight ranking without ever fighting a pro fight and gets his shot at the title. Roper comes in very much overweight but destroys Conklin after Conklin lands one good punch. Conklin retires winless.

Tommy "Machine" Gunn (23-0 23 KO) - Tommy Gunn is a 6'2" 220 pound fighter with a 80" reach. He also went 45-0 in the amateurs. Gunn went to Philly so he could be trained by a retired Rocky Balboa. Balboa decides to train Gunn, who is already 8-0, and they reel off 14 straight wins. Gunn is unhappy with always being in Rocky's shadow and decides to leave him. Gunn wins the title against Union Cane in a fixed fight and goes on to lose to Rocky in a street fight. May have ended his career with a loss to Drago making him 23-1.

Monroe Hutchens (69-0) - Hutchens is a 5'11" 191 pound fighter. He was the former California State Champion but his record on the outside is not known. What is known is that he is serving life in prison and is the prison champion taking on and beating all comers for the last 10 plus years. He gets a shot at the outside heavyweight champion when George Chambers gets convicted of rape. Hutchens beats Chambers and thus becomes the undisputed champion.

"Honey" Roy Palmer (10-0) - "Honey" Roy Palmer is a 6'3" 210 pound fighter. Palmer was a pro with only a single loss but the record is unknown. At 48-years-old he goes 10-0 in a 24 hour period and defeats the only man that beat him during his pro career. It is known that he never got his shot at a title even though he was a great talent and a legendary amateur.


Mason "The Line" Dixon (33-0 30 KO) - Mason Dixon is a 6'2" 225 pound fighter with a 75" reach. Dixon holds the undisputed title but is not popular among fans so he decides to fight old champion Rocky in a ten round exhibition. Rocky comes into the fight in good shape and lasts the whole 10 rounds but loses the decision.

George "The Iceman" Chambers -Chambers is a 6' 230 pound fighter. Chambers is considerd to be as good as Joe Louis, Joe Frazier, and Rocky Marciano. He is the undisputed champion of the outside world before he is convicted of rape and sent to prison. While in prison he is defeated by Monroe Hutchens. Chambers is released and regains the title on the outside world.

James "The Grim Reaper" Roper - Roper is a 6'2" 203 pound fighter. He is the undefeated heavyweight champion. He ducks his biggest challenger Marvin Shabazz and fights no hoper Terry Conklin. Roper shows up out of shape but beats Conklin easily.

Patrick "Lights" Leary (37-1) - Leary is a 6'2" 209 pound fighter. He fought 112 amateur fights and has 38 fights as a pro. He was the heavyweight champion before losing the title to Death Row Reynolds and retiring for five years. He comes out of retirement and wins one fight, which was fixed without his knowledge, before taking on Death Row again. Although he is 20 pounds light and 40 years-old he dropped the champion twice in the third and wins via TKO-3 at 1:57 of round three.

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