A strategy to beat Floyd Mayweather. (This should be fun)

Hello all, I usually make football FanPosts, but I am a boxing fan also.

Today is my first day on Bad Left Hook, and I'd like my first FanPost to be something special.

So today, ^^as the title suggests^^, I will post my own round-by-round strategy to beat Floyd Mayweather.

Well, here goes nothing.




So suppose, this is a fight between, the defensive sage Floyd Mayweather, and the brawler, more aggressive type fighter, Timothy Bradley.

So if I was in Timothy's corner, this would be my strategy, for each round:

I believe this strategy will set Bradley in a position where it is impossible for him to NOT win by either KO or Decision.

1.) Rounds 1-2: Take the initiative, but only go in for very short, brief, spaced out bursts, only throwing basic punches that have a better chance of landing, even if they are somewhat light. Afterwards, back away from him, STAY away from him, dance around the ring for a little bit, and try to avoid him as much as possible until your next short burst. Be careful not to get carried away though, because if you go at him for longer bursts, he will figure out your pattern and take you out with one of his lightning-quick, sniper-accurate counter punches.

No matter how light, or less frequent they are, as long as you land more punches than he does, that looks better on your score card, and you are setting yourself up to win by decision.

2.) Now, obviously, Floyd, and his Coach, are in-ring geniuses. Due to their boxing IQ, after the first two rounds, they will pick up IMMEDIATELY on what you are trying to do. And here, Floyd' coach will tell him to go on a SLIGHT offensive. He'll tell him to be a bit more agressive, and go after you a little bit, trying to bait you out.

Rounds 3-4 or 5: For these two-three rounds, AVOID FLOYD COMPLETELY. Dance around the ring, throw a few counter punches if you NEED to, but only smart, light quick ones that have a better chance of landing on him. And obviously, be wary of the ropes.

3.) Now, Floyd and his corner are going to start to get a wee bit frustrated. It is already nearing mid-fight, and Money Mayweather has not landed that many punches. Here, Floyd's, coach will tell him to use and ALTERED VERSION of your rounds 1-2 strategy against you. Floyd will charge you for short bursts, but there will be less time in between these bursts, and they will be more frequent than yours were in the beginning of the fight.

Rounds 4 or 5-8 or 9: Now, the biggest mistake you can make here is to try to match Floyd's new rythm. If you get hypnotized by Floyd's similar short-burst pace, and begin to think it is the same as yours was in the beginning of the bout, you will try to match his pace, and you have just stepped out of your playground, and into his, because it his actually HIS pace you are fighting at, not yours. Floyd will have you in the palm of his hand, and will begin to disect you, and take you apart.

The best thing you can do here is to revert back to your original pace from rounds 1-2, but make your bursts much shorter and much more spaced out in between. As usual, when you are not hitting, keep dancing; guards up, and keep sidesteppping, and be wary of those corners 'n ropes.

Now, Floyd and his corner are gonna get really F*ckin pissed. It is nearing the end of the fight, and they are going to realize that Floyd is in major danger of losing by decision if this keeps up. Also, they are going to think that your tentative pace so far is what you are going to stick to for the rest of the fight; that's where they're wrong.

Now, Floyd's coach is gonna tell him to go after you, and try to take you down.

Rounds 8 or 9- end: Here, expect Floyd to come out at full force, guns blazing, ready to go to war, and take you to hell and back. Now if you're Timothy Bradley, from here on, the fight is all yours. Now, Floyd has stepped out of his comfort zone, and has stepped into YOUR playground. Now, he is the aggressor. He is going to take the initiative, the offensive. And the best part about it is, that is not HIS style.... that's YOUR style.

From here on out, engage Floyd with everything you've got; dont dance around him, dont try to "feel" him out, that time is way past over. Now, its an all out brawl; even if he wanted to, Floyd can't afford to go back to his original style, because there is simply not enough time left in the fight to bait you out, and try to snare you with counterpunches. Floyd has no other choices but to either go hard and win, or go out in a blaze of glory.

Floyd has wasted much too energy in this fight trying to figure you out, while you, Timothy Bradley, has kept cool, focused, and composed, saving your strength for the right time, which is right now.

Floyd is tired, and about to get blown out, so now, just pound him down to the canvas, and BAM, if you don't win by KO, you win by decision.

So guys what do you think of my strategy? Is it good? Is it bad?

Critique it, and nit-pick as much as you want, and tell me your own game plan.

This is a fantastic subject to muse about, and I'd love to hear your opinions to trigger an open discussion.

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