Freddie Roach: Pacquiao could go to 150 to face Canelo

Could Manny Pacquiao face Canelo Alvarez even if the promotional issues were settled? Freddie Roach says he thinks the fight could happen at 150 pounds, if Canelo could make that weight.

We're a few weeks removed from Pacquiao's win over Bradley. Did you get a chance to look at the tape? And if you did what'd you think now that you have a few weeks to really look at what he did?

"Well, you know what? It looked a lot better on tape. I was very satisfied with his performance. He fought a good fight. Bradley came out to win, he came out swinging. It seemed like he hurt Manny one time there, wobbled him a little bit. But Manny came back well. I thought it was a very good performance. I was happy."

How soon do you feel Manny should get back in the ring now?

"Late November, December. This year for sure. Activity's good for fighters, and I want to get back in the gym with him as soon as possible."

Outside of Juan Manuel Marquez, are there any other choices for him? Or is that the choice for him?

"Well, you know, they're talking about Canelo Alvarez now. At the right weight, we'll fight him. Thing is, he's a much bigger guy than Manny usually. But if we can get a catchweight that'd be fair to both of them, I think it'd be a good fight. I'd love that fight. There's a lot of fights out there that I'd like Manny to fight, but since the promoters are against each other right now, they're hard to get.

"I hope (Marquez) isn't our only choice. Because, you know, we would love to fight Marquez one more time and get that off our back, but I don't think he'll fight Manny. He's turned us down, he turned down big money to fight Manny in a rematch. Well, I can't call it a rematch. ... I do hear rumors of Bob and Oscar talking. That sounds good to me!"

How does that fight play out? Canelo's a little bigger guy, I know Manny didn't want to fight at 154 anymore, because with the Margarito fight, he just felt that was too big a fight. How does that fight go?

"Without talking to Manny first, I think the biggest he can fight is 150. So, like, he made catchweight at that. But can the other guy come down that far? I know (Canelo) came down to 152 for Mayweather, but it's a hard decision to make. But I think there's a lot of obstacles in the way that need to be cleaned up between Oscar's company and Top Rank. Hopefully, everything works out, though."

What was your first reaction? Was it, like, Manny's got this, it's a perfect style for him? Or was it more, ooh, I don't know, that's kind of tricky for Manny?

"I love the fight! I think it's a great fight for Manny. (Canelo's) one of the up and comers, though. New kid on the block. Good looking guy. Probably the No. 1 pay-per-view fighter in the world. Him and Manny would do big, big numbers. It's definitely something that I'm interested in."

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