The Glory 16 Kickboxing event results- if anyone's interested

So I can't afford Mayweather-Maidana tonight, so I tuned into the Kickboxing card on spike, and thought I'd post the results in case anyone here follows Kboxing. Or has seen the Adverts here around BLH and is just curious.

A few notes here:

This is a tournament event. Two of the heavyweights will fight twice in one night.

Three round fights.

I am trying genuine RBR coverage, excuse all the typos.

I am giving the fighters' official records, not their "Glory" records

I have never watched Kickboxing live before, so this is also a first impression for me.

I made a few edits to make reading a bit easier.

Fight 1- Heavyweights- Ben Edwards (36-9-3) V. Errol Zimmerman (101-11-1 [That's crazy])

Given the two fighter's records, this was a blowout waiting to happen. And it was.

Edwards traps Zimmerman on the ropes and starts wailing and certainly had him hurt for a moment, but Zimmerman fights back off the ropes and drops Edwards early. Edwards gets up and gets in the same situation. He hurts Zimmerman, but Zimmerman delivers a devastating knee to the floating rib and right hand to the ear. Edwards falls and the ref calls it. The rules tonight include a two-KD rule, forcing the ref to stop it.

Zimmerman KO-1

Fight 2- Heavyweights- Anderson "not that one" Silva (37-10-1) V. Sergey Kharitonov (5-3-0)

Kharitonov is a former Russian paratrooper. That makes him good or something.

Round 1 sees Silva drop Sergey on a bit of a half punch/half push. Rules say i a fighter is dropped twice in a round, the fight is a TKO. Sergey spends the rest of the round surviving, but still receiving a cut in his hair. Clearly Silva 10-8

Round two opens with Silva still outworking him. Sergey comes on late. Tough round to score. Edge to Kharitonov I guess (missed little bit of the round and what I saw was better for Sergey)

Round three opens again with Silva coming strong, but he can't shake the Russian again yet. Kharitonov coming back on, catching Silva's leg mid air and landing a few clean punches. Kharitonov making this wodnerfully ugly. Hard body shot by Kharitonov, awkward missed kick by Silva. I'd throw that round to Sergey.

Not sure how Kickboxing is scored, but if it's like boxing, I'd have 28-28 Draw with a tough second round to score.

Silva takes it 29-27 on all three cards. He will fight Eroll Zimmerman later tonight.

One of the commentators called this fight the superbowl of striking sports, Ironic, don't you think?

Fight 3-Heavyweights- Pat Berry (15-5-1) V. Zack Mwekassa (10-1)

Berry, a former MMA fighter and sort-of hometown fighter in Denver, describes himself as not liking the second round, saying it will be a one round fight. Mwekassa says he doesn't know who Pat Berry is. I don't know either of these guys, so there.

Kickboxing has so many more commercials than basic cable boxing. You can tell me all night how good Bud light is until you're blue in the face, but that doesn't make it good. No just for men though, so there's that.

Here we go Round one. Ref looks like a hipster Amish guy. Barry opens with a high kick which doesn't connect, another and ZACK IS HURT, but lands back and hurts Barry. First round ugly, seems to be a theme in glory. Mwekassa landing to the body with punches. Mwekassa drives him to the ropes, Mewkassa pressuring Barry and he takes a knee. Mwekassa lands a THUNDEROUS right and down goes Barry. Rules makes this a TKO. Barry's prediction comes true.

Mwekassa TKO-1.

Fun card so far, solid heavyweight action.

Fight 4- Eroll Zimmerman- Anderson Silva

As previously mentioned, these fighters fought and won against other fighters earlier. Crazy.

Colorado's boxing board requires that the ring announcer tell you everything about these fighters that he already said earlier with the newly modified records.

Round one:

Zimmerman kicking, Silva trying not to be kick. Zimmerman still going at it, Zimmerman slips hard, may have injured himself. Zimemrman throws a knee and SILVA GOES DOWN. Silva back up, Zimmerman bull rushes and catches him again SILVA DOWN. Two KD does not apply to this fight, but rather a three KD rule, fight continues. Zimmerman still going at him, Zimmerman slips again. Good action, if one sided. Zimmerman showing patience and HE KNOCKS SILVA DOWN A THIRD TIME and we're done. TKO.

Zimmerman TKO-1

Zimmerman (of Curacao [I don't know how to do the proper c in there, sorry]) improves his already impressive record to 103-11-1. Slo-mo shows that Zimmerman's shorts were hanging low. I now call him Errol "The Plumber" Zimmerman. This fight gives Zimmerman "contender status" in Glory. Zimmerman's trainer passed away a year ago, and he's getting emotional.

5th and final fight: Welterweights (170lb)- Karapet Karapetyen (43-9-2) V. Marc De Bonte (86-11-1)

This is a championship bout- five 3 minute rounds. A lot of cat calling at the ring card girls, who are wearing more appropriate clothing than the Corona girls or TR KOs. I should know, the First bank Center was cold last time I was there.

Round One underway. Fighters try to touch gloves but fail. Much faster than the heavyweights. Viscious leg kick by De bonte. De Bonte hammering away. A quick calm before De Bonte tees off again. Lots of leg kicks here. De bonte taking this by a mile. Slowing down towards the end of the round. A couple of leg kicks here and there now. End round one on a small flurry by De Bonte. 10-9 De Bonte.

Round Two

Karapet feinting, action picks up for both men aaaaaand low blow. They touch glove successfully. De Bonte Coming on again. More feinting this round. Karapetyen is lost as of this round. It doesn't seem like De Bontes strikes really hurt Karapet all that much. Karapet gets a few good jabs in and he's coming on now. 10-9 De Bonte

Third round

Both men come out strong. Got a war of attrition going. De Bonte looking sloppy now. Both fighters tentative now. De bonte clinching whenever Karapet does anything. De Bonte Catches Karapet's leg, but not able to do much with that. Uneventful round. Karapet 10-9

Round Four:

De bonte owns the round early, Karapet fighting but not as well. Again with the looking ugly thing, headbutt in round 4, no cuts. Announcers will not shut up about altitude. Karapet still having trouble connecting. De Bonte sweeps Karapets leg and he falls, ruled a slip. Another leg sweep by De Bonte to punctuate round four. 10-9 De Bonte.

Fifth round

While we're on break, I live 800 feet in altitude above Denver and I breathe fine. It's not like I go to Florida and I'm superman. Announcers need to shut up about that.

Karapet persuing to start round five. De bonte lands a beautiful counter right hand and De Bonte slips HARD, may have hit his head on the canvas, and I do mean HARD. De Bonte on his Bicycle. Another close round edge to Karapet I would say. 10-9

58-57 De Bonte, close fight but slight edge to De Bonte for me.

De Bonte takes it, didn't catch the scores.

And that's it for the night for kickboxing. It was a great action card with lots of heavyweights and subsequently KOs. I'd definitely watch Zimmerman again.

Also, looking at coverage of it after the fight, this also happened (video) on the untelevised protion of the card (video takes a moment to get going, it's normal to have just an image for 5-10 seconds)

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