Miguel Cotto: We have no worries about Sergio Martinez's style

Miguel Cotto said he's comfortable and confident heading into his June 7 HBO PPV fight with Sergio Martinez.

You're moving up in weight, and with the move up a lot of things change, but I'm curious, how has your diet changed?

My diet's still the same. It's only the matter of not losing a lot of pounds and a lot of muscle. Just staying at the most healthy weight.

Are you a happier fighter now? You don't really have to worry about cutting weight, you don't have to stress the night of the weigh-in, not eating food, not being hydrated at all?

It's not that, exactly. It's just being here, around people that make me work harder, that make me realize how good boxing can be for me. That's the reason for me being a happy man.

You can get a 'cheat meal' here and there, right? Like, you can have a hamburger or a slice of pizza?

I prefer to do it in the healthy way, you know? I prefer to go more healthy.

Freddie's telling me that he notices a lot of power from you.  But what have you noticed in your body?

The way I train for this fight. The comfortable way that I feel. I'm going to be better this fight.

At 160, this is not something where if you were to move back down to 154, you wouldn't be able to make that cut anymore.

We only know about June 7th. After that, if we come back to 154, we could do it.

Canelo (Alvarez) is the guy a lot of people want to see you fight, regardless of winning or losing this next fight. But Sergio, it's a big task, you shouldn't look ahead of him. What worries you most about Sergio? What's the one thing you're most cautious about with him and his style?

We're just preparing for a great fight, just trying to get the best preparation for ourselves. We don't have any kind of worries about Sergio. If we train the way he have, we're definitely going to win the fight.

If you win this fight, is it a thing where it's your greatest accomplishment, and you just go, that's it? I achieved one of the greatest possible things I've achieved, I'm going to walk away from the sport. Or will you continue to fight after this?

We don't know. I feel good. I feel that I still have passion for boxing. We'll see what happens after the fight.

What's gonna happen June 7th?

Well, Miguel Cotto's going to win. The way I feel for this fight, the way I train, the way I wake up every day thinking about winning this fight, that's going to make me the winner.

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