Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Marcos Maidana: Scoring the fight round by round and minute by minute

So I watched the fight again in good quality and I'm going to break down the scores and see what I get. I will go round by round, and give my impressions minute by minute, that's 3 parts for each round, along with what I think would be relevant in each round to justify the scores I'm giving them.

I know minutes doesn't matter in scoring, it's just a way of structuring it for convenience.

It would be nice if some people did the same exercise so we could compare and see the differences.


Minute 1: Floyd lands some jabs, both to the head and body. Ends the minute with a good combination. Slight edge Floyd.

Minute 2: Maidana corners Floyd, throws a lot, misses most but gets into rhythm and also lands a couple of them. Floyd clinches a lot but doesn't throw. Maidana's minute, clearly.

Minute 3: Maidana keeps bullying Mayweather against the ropes, throws a ton, lands some good ones and lots of grazing ones. Mayweather threw a few punches and I think he landed most of them, to the head and body. I think Maidana's work was still better and he landed more.

Overall, I think Maidana wins the round. I think he lands more than Mayweather, despite Mayweather seeming to land almost everything he throws

10-9 Maidana


Minute 1: Maidana lands a couple of body shots, but Floyd tags him clear in the head about 5 times. Not much else happening but this part is clearly Floyd's

Minute 2: They brawl on the ropes, Floyd lands 2 in the full minute, but Maidana had a good 3 to the body 1 to the head, they all land. Floyd doesn't do anything else and Maidana keeps throwin quite a lot and landing some grazing shots. Clear minute for Maidana

Minute 3: Floyd lands 3 jabs to the body in the full minute and that's all he throws. Maidana lands a couple of good body shots and misses with a good number of shots.

This one is a really close round. I will give it to Maidana because he landed as much as Floyd and a good number of glancing shots also, specially to the body. He is also more aggressive and seems to be fighting a bit more like he wants. He also landed the clearest shot by far, a right hook that landed flush on Mayweather's face.

10-9 Maidana


Minute 1: Maidana didn't land anything. Floyd landed some good jabs to the head and body and one good blow to the head besides. Edge Floyd.

Minute 2: Floyd doesn't land or throw here, he's against the ropes. Maidana lands a couple of good body shots, semi-lands another couple, tags Floyd flush with an uppercut and I think he tags him again with another one. Clear Maidana minute.

Minute 3: Floyd lands a good body jab and a good straight right but that is mostly it. Maidana gets him onto the ropes where he lands (or maybe not, I'm not sure) a couple ones and a good number of body shots. edge Maidana.

Overall, minutes 1 and 3 balance each other, but the uppercuts and body work Maidana did in the middle minute score this one for him in my opinion.

Maidana 10-9


Minute 1: Nothing happens except Maidana elbows Floyd and gets warned. They clinch. Nothing else.

Minute 2: Maidana landed a body shot and some rabbit haymakers in the full minute. Floyd landed 2 flush right hooks to the face. Edge Mayweather.

Minute 3: The only shots that landed were 2 left hooks by Floyd and what appeared to be a hard right hook from Mayweather also.

Overall, Maidana didn't land a single shot and Floyd landed several clean ones. Lots of brawling and bullying by Maidana, although ineffective. Absolutely clear Floyd round, and I've seen some people and a judge score it for Maidana.

Mayweather 10-9

(after 4, I have this 3-1 Maidana and can only make a really good argument for Floyd winning round 2, which would make it 2-2)


Minute 1: Maidana lands (or not) a jab and a body shot. In any case Floyd trumps them with a clean counter right over Maidana's jab. Floyd's minute because of it.

Minute 2: Clean flush right to the head by Maidana with 1:45 left. 1-2 landed by Chino with 1:12 left. Left hook landed by Maidana. Floyd didn't do anything at all in the full minute.

Minute 3: Maidana keeps throwing and throwing but doesn't land anything really clear. Floyd doesn't throw or land.

Absolutely clear Maidana round, and probably his best so far. Floyd landed 1 shot and there's not a possibily that he landed 2.

Maidana 10-9


Minute 1: Nothing really clear lands but Floyd seems to be doing the better work and controlling things.

Minute 2: Still not much landing but I think I saw a really good uppercut by Floyd. I think Floyd is winning this one.

Minute 3: I counted about 10 clean shots by Floyd to the head, Maidana did nothing.

Absolutely clear Floyd round, no argument otherwise, he tagged Chino cleanly over and over in the last minute.

Mayweather 10-9

(after 6 rounds I have it 4-2 Chino, and the only other score I can really accept is 3-3. The reason is rounds 4 and 6 were absolutely clear Floyd rounds and he has an argument for Round 2. Maidana clearly won 1,3 and 5, with 1 being the most dubious)


Minute 1: Floyd landed 3 clean shots to the head to Maidana's nothing.

Minute 2: Maidana doing better but still Floyd landed the better shots, specifically a good number of left hooks.

Minute 3: Maidana lands some body shots but Floyd keeps tagging him clean in the head and mostly controlling the fight.

Clear Floyd round, absolutely no doubt.

Mayweather 10-9


Minute 1: Floyd lands 1 right and doesn't throw or land anything else. Maidana lands a number of body shots and tries to pummel Mayweather down against the ropes without much success. Tough call, does that right from Floyd matter more than the semi-successful body work by Maidana and overall aggression? I don't know. I lean maybe Floyd or a tie.

Minute 2: Maidana throws quite a lot, lands nothing. Floyd throws almost nothing, lands nothing. Still tied or maybe Floyd a bit ahead.

Minute 3: There's a couple of good shots for each one of them, but I think Floyd might have landed a couple more yet, and definitely cleaner.

I had given this round to Maidana by I rewatched it and have to give it to Floyd, he landed a few really clean punches that trump Maidana's overall aggression.

Mayweather 10-9

(after 8 rounds, my scores read 4-4, arguments can be made for 5-3 Floyd depending on round 2)


Minute 1: The only landed shots at all were 2 pretty strong ones by Floyd. Nothing else on any side.

Minute 2: Maidana landed a bit here, but Floyd landed more and they were cleaner. 3-4 really clean ones by Floyd, to the head.

Minute 3: Floyd keeps landing hard, controlling the fight, not getting into any danger himself.

Dominant round for Floyd.

Mayweather 10-9


Minute 1: Floyd lands 4-5 hard shots and a couple of jabs. Maidana, 0.

Minute 2: Floyd lands 1. Maidana tries to bully him but no success at this.

Minute 3: Nothing happens except one big right by Floyd.

Clear Mayweather round.

Mayweather 10-9


Minute 1: Not much happening but a good couple ones from Floyd, he's winning it so far.

Minute 2: Maidana more aggressive now, despite not landing clearly I think he has scored with a couple of them, Mayweather a bit more uncomfortable, I think the round is even.

Minute 3: Maidana lands 3 clear ones to the head and 1 body shot. Floyd lands only 1 clear shot.

I think Maidana edged this one quite clearly towards the end of the round. 2 judges gave this one to Floyd and I frontally disagree with them.

Maidana 10-9


Minute 1: Balanced so far, mostly clearly blocked shots, but both manage to sneak in a couple of scored ones, I think. Floyd more aggressive.

Minute 2: Mostly blocked shots, Maidana more aggressive, nothing lands. Balanced.

Minute 3: Mayweather lands a couple of good counter rights over the jab. This might have won him the round.

This is a close round that can go either way depending on if you think Maidana scored or not, because Floyd only scored with those 2 counters. Still, I feel they are enough to give him the round.

Mayweather 10-9


Floyd Mayweather Jr. 115 - 113 Marcos Maidana

Rounds that Floyd clearly won:


This means I find it absolutely impossible to give Maidana the win with more than a 115-113

Rounds that Maidana clearly won:


This means that technically, 117-111 is a possibility.

Rounds that could are mostly clear but there can be some doubt:

1, I think it's Maidana's out of volume, but if someone thinks he did land much less than what I think he landed, he might give this one to Floyd. I don't think so, in any case.

2, a bit the same, I still think Maidana edged it but you can make an argument for Mayweather

8, I really doubt this one, I think it's Floyd's, but I can see how someone would have given it to Maidana.

12, could also go to Maidana depending on how you score his shots.

This means giving every close round to Maidana gives him a 115-113 win, but some of them are really dubious, so you have to push it quite a bit and give Chino a really kind scoring, or value his aggression and ability to make Floyd fight Maidana's fight much weight to argue for his win. Still, there's people that see it as a Maidana win. I encourage them to watch the fight again and score it.

Giving every close round to Floyd gives us a 117-111 card, but I also think this is pushing it quite a bit because rounds 1 and 2 are probably Maidana's rounds for most people, which would put him 113-115 losing.

All in all, I think Floyd won the fight, and you have to work a bit to have Maidana winning. This can make room for a verdict of Floyd winning it "clearly", but It think that Floyd just won a close fight in which the acceptable outcomes would be from 116-112 Floyd to 115 - 113 Maidana.

Scoring the fight has made me think that I got it more or less right based on feelings upon watching it live. I felt Floyd won but Maidana won enough rounds and made enough rounds close enough as to the notion of him winning not being crazy.

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