JOTD #7... The Chauffeur's Cut. (again)

Nature abhors a vacuum, or so my old Physics teacher would claim, and in that spirit I offer my services to fill the gap between now and the start of the long-awaited Ocho.

Welcome one and all to JOTD, the delinquent playpen of BLH.

In the dark days before the dawn of JOTD furtive figures would scurry from post to post, desperate to avoid the watchful eyes of the Ban Men, surreptitiously leaving wry comments that strayed from the official boxing line and then swiftly moving on, always moving, never stopping. Once in a while a watering-hole would appear, perhaps one of those glorious Fanposts in which the Doc would break ranks and lead a one-man charge against normality, and we, we poor, fractured souls, we would gather round the dying embers of a midnight fire, bereft of purpose or direction, and sing sad songs of loss and regret.

And then the ESPN boys rocked up, JOTD was born and nothing will ever be the same again!

Bring your complaints, bring beauty and joy to share, bring your favourite songs, bring gifts of love for your friends and sarcasm for your enemies, for while we abjure violence in these hallowed halls we do like to take the piss! (Violence outside these halls is another matter entirely!)

All are welcome... I myself look forward to having my eyes opened and my senses assaulted by you Hippity-Hoppity youngsters, and in return I shall try to seduce you with some "oldies but goodies".

Diversity and tolerance shall be our watchwords, and if Kap and ChinUp start any of that shit we shall, I trust, turn on them like a ravenous pack of wolves. Leave it at the door, boys! ;)

For this is JOTD #7 The Chauffeur's Cut (again), half a step from madness and just one step away from the Ocho itself!

Bring it!

<strong><font color="red">FanPosts are user-created content written by community members of Bad Left Hook, and are generally not the work of our editors. <em>Please do not source FanPosts as the work of Bad Left Hook</em>.</font></strong>

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