Macklin Says Quillin "Doesn’t Want It"



Later this month Matthew Macklin takes on former middleweight champion Daniel Geale in a fight that could push the winner to a title shot. Macklin has been in two high profile fights against current WBC champ Sergio Martinez and WBA champ Gennady Golovkin but came up short in both instances.

Macklin hasn’t given up the drive to get to the top of the division that can be lost when a fighter loses to top competition. If anything, the opportunities have made Macklin a more experienced fighter who’s learned a thing or two and is readying for war once again

Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin is the current WBO middleweight champion. His promotional team has been pairing him with smaller fighters and contenders that have no name value. In need of validity as champion, the winner of the Macklin/Geale fight could showcase the perfect opportunity for Quillin to shine against proven sluggers who’ve been in the main event spotlight more than once (…or at all. Who’s Konecny?).

No Sparring recently asked Quillin why he thought boxers of this caliber weren’t gunning for him and he simply put "you’d have to ask them." His interest seemed consistent when discussing other possible fights of this magnitude. He refuses to say no to anybody as long as he gets paid top dollar. Surely Quillin is tired of the undercard? A main event against a Macklin or Geale could finally have Quillin telling Showtime to "Show me that championship money!"

Matthew Macklin replied to No Sparring and explained that Quillin "…already turned [the fight] down." Lou Dibella, Macklin’s promoter has a good working relationship with HBO but isn’t actually a part of the Cold War that has seen Showtime and HBO fighters split between two promotional companies Top Rank and Golden Boy.

With no promotional conflicts in the way one can only assume that money is the tripping point between Dibella and Golden Boy. However, fighters have been known to price themselves out in order to save face and deny ducking opponents. Is this what’s happening here? More than likely Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza had a say in this, not Quillin.

quillin quotes

Golden Boy and Showtime have to see what the potential of fighting Matthew Macklin or Daniel Geale can bring to their young champion. If Quillin wins he can move himself to a new class of champion that demands the type of money he wants and it gives Showtime another bonafied star that HBO doesn’t.

I for one will be glad to see a (another) competitive middleweight fight on HBO between Macklin and Geale and then Cotto versus Martinez a couple weeks later. It seems Golden Boy and Showtime are leaving Quillin in the cold. He’s their go-to undercard fighter who they avoid making bigger fights for in order to cut costs on the main event.

There aren’t many boxers who would actually profit more in the long run by leaving Golden Boy. In the case of Quillin, he might want to push his team to close deals (or just one) against willing top tier opponents like Macklin or let him make his money, which he can make a lot of, with another suitor. We’ve already seen how talent like Andre Ward’s can be wasted in their prime when their promoters don’t deliver. Let’s hope Quillin can fare better.

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