Ward to fight Froch in Comeback!!

dateline: Dec 25 2029

. . . . . . Andre Ward who has not fought in over 15 years is making, according to his new manager Leonard Ellerbe, "a glorious comeback to once and for all determine who is the best 168 pound fighter in history v Carl Froch in the most important 'ole timers bout' in boxing history."

.............Ward, who has been determined not to fight again ever after being ' ripped off' by his promoter Goosen Tutor Promotions way back in the early teens of this century has had a change of heart, explained his position.

. . . . "Boxing is a rough sport. I just didn't feel like risking my life for the paltry sum of $2 million I was paid to face a young hungry lion such as Edwin Rodriguez or the mere $1.8 I received to face a weight drained, irritable Chad Dawson in front of my hometown fans in Oakland. Do they( Gooseen) think I'm stupid?" His wife sitting next to Andre rolled her eyes.

. . . . . According to Ward it was actually Scott Christ of BLH who convinced Andre 'SOG' Ward to get back in the ring.

. . . . ."I was lying there at 2:30 a.m. in my cardboard box in the middle of winter when I suddenly had this vision

.. . . . ." A man named Christ appeared and whispered in my ear,'whataryagonnado?' and I knew instantly I had to fight once again. I have always been religious that's why my nickname was Son of God but now I've changed it to SOC, Son of Christ. I really had this vision and heard this voice. Honest I did."

. . . . .When asked about this mysterious early morning visit Scott Christ said,

. . . . "Are you serious? Tell your parents. What the fk would I be doing in Oakland at 2:30 in the morning? If I was going to try to convince Ward to fight it would have been 15 years ago," Christ said. He then shrugged his shoulders. . . . ."Screw it I'll take credit if the delusional bastard wants to give it to me but frankly I don't care if he fights or not though it would be a bit interesting and as always we'll have live coverage on BLH."

. . . . . Nevertheless the fight is on with Froch who lost and then beat every SuperMiddleweight in the last decade before retiring in 2020.

. . . . . ."I lost to a lot of fighters but beat them in the rematch and I know I can beat Ward," said Froch who is now regarded as the best p4p fighter since S.R. Robinson. He has lost but then came back to beat Michel Kessler of Denmark. GGG of Khazachstan Julio Chavez of Mexico ,Anthony Mundine of Australia as well as fighters from Russia the Ukraine, Germany, China Korea and Japan and virtually every country in the world except the U. S. where Andre Ward who beat Froch on a clear UD 18 years ago resides with his family in a cardboard box on the corner of 5th and Main in downtown Oakland. Froch is now 51 years old and has a record of 51-17.

. . . . . .When asked if it was scary living on the street in a crime infested neighborhood Ward now 46 explained,

. . . . ."I do what the Lord tells me to do. I have faith and am unafraid because of my belief in God."

. . . When asked if it gets cold at night Ward replied, "In the winter it does. Yeah sure but it's not like we're living in South Dakota."

. . . . . . Dan Rafael of espn asked how Ward's family feels about the decision he made 16 years ago to not fight. He just shrugged his shoulders. Rafael then asked if his family had enough to eat and if so could he spare one of those huge turkey legs saying he hadn't eaten in over 30 minutes. At that point JC Chavez Jr. who will be on the undercard gave Rafael one of his Twinkies which he promptly stuffed into his face.

. . . . . .Max Kellerman Jim Lampley and Roy Jones will be financing Ward's training expenses. They jumped to Showtime back in 2019 and made millions in CBS stock after Floyd Mayweather's last fight with Manny Pacquiao just after famed promotor Bob Arum died. That match was at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas just down the street from the MGM where Pac and Floyd once fought in front of 19,000 fans. At the Orleans 713 people piled in to watch 2 all time greats finally get it on. The bout was a bit disappointing as it ended in a majority draw with scores of 120-120. 120-120 and 120-119 Mayweather.

.........."See I told you," said Mayweather. "I always knew I was better and this proves it!" No punches actually landed in the fight until the 12th round when Floyd uncocked a straight right lead that landed on Pacquiao's stomach. Pac then giggled like a Tickle Me Elmo doll . The last card of 120-119 was somewhat controversial however because some hard core Pac fans swore they saw a right jab by Pac graze Floyd's jaw early in the round but he swears he picked it off with his shoulder. The replays have been inconclusive from all angles.

. . . ..Froch and Ward have both signed letters of intent. Ward wants to have the fight in Oakland, Froch in London "on neutral ground." When Ward refused Froch said,

. . . ."OK how about San Francisco then?"

. . .. ."I'm not stupid," said Ward. "Why would I fight where nobody knows me?" Negotiations are continuing and Ward swears he'll be reasonable.

. . .. "I just want to prove I'm the best. I don't care about the money or any of that. I think I've proved that much over the last 20 years or so. How long has it been since I fought?"

....... Froch who is now worth $200 million has promised to "buy Ward's family a house regardless of the outcome. As few fans are expected to attend and Ward's purse after training and travel expenses won't exceed $1300. I feel bad for him I really do," continued Froch

.........."I know what it's like to face hardship. I was suicidal after Rachel left me for my trainer Scott Mc Cracken but now I realize it was all for the best."

. . . ."The Lord works in mysterious way, " chimed in Ward.

. . . . . . . .Miss Cordingly after leaving Froch in 2017 after Froch's ko loss to GGG developed a thyroid problem and ballooned to 375 pounds but has recently been on England's version of "The Biggest loser" and is down to 250 pounds.

. . . ."I wish her the best I really do," said Froch. "She blew up good. Real good."

. . . .. . . .

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