Andre Ward Is Foreign To Us, Carl Froch Is Not, That Is Why We Celebrate One More So Than The Other

In a world where good is bad, and bad is good, society reflects those biblical words of wisdom in every aspect of out culture, sports, and political system. We are so quick to sympathize with the anti-hero, the villain who is cast in a light of misunderstanding to the viewing public. On the other hand, the hero is painted as narrow minded, bigoted, his views and traditions of an antiquated era long passed away from the current generation of moral relativists who tell us "Make your own truth because truth itself is relative".

When I say Andre Ward is foreign to us, I don't mean in a sense that we've never had an Andre Ward ever in the history of sports, but that our current culture has so lost touch with the characters like him, when he does come along we fail to appreciate fully his complete contribution to this sweet science.

Everything that is to like about Andre one would assume, is a trigger point for why many fans dislike him. Carl Froch however, is the perfect anti-hero perhaps villain that fans can and have in many ways rallied around.

To compare the two: A would be "do gooder" with no personality, no flash or brag about him so he's labeled boring and uninteresting. The other is a brash, arrogant flawed man with real insecurities and vulnerabilities both as a fighter and a person. Not to suggest Andre Ward has no such traits, but Froch is willing to show us just how unlikable he can be.

Our culture hates the cookie cutter human being who portrays an aura of perfection that can be misread as fake, in some cases, in others accurately read as completely false.

I don't buy the lack of fans lining up to see Ward because his style is boring; look at Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather is every bit as unbeatable and dominate, defensive, and cautious as Andre Ward, but with a "Me first" public persona and a polarizing campaign, Mayweather enjoys popularity no other fighter except for a select few can rival.

Tell me Ward is a boring fighter after the Chad Dawson fight. I was just as compelled and impressed with Ward when he fought Allan Greene as I have been with some of the most "fan friendly" fighters of this era and eras past.

Andre Ward is foreign to us because he's not giving us what we've come to expect and demand from our professional athletes and entertainers. He's not playing the rich thug character with four cars and an entourage, or bragging about his money, his women, or his jewelry. He's not a foul mouth young black male with a pension for being self obsessed with himself, constantly reminding us the paying public on how great he is. He doesn't subscribe to the famous words of Terrell Owens, "I love me some me"

Andre Ward trains, stays in shape, fights, wins, collects his money, and goes home to his wife and kids. He's not satisfying our 24/7 media circus complex or giving people meaning with his celebrity. He's just the best super middleweight on the planet and the second best fighter in the world.

So why does Steve Kim and Dan Rafael take personal shots at Andre Ward if it's all about his style? With Steve Kim you often get personal attacks mixed in with critiques centered around Andre's status as a boxer.

Carl Froch is the near perfect representation of today's culture: flawed, arrogant, aloof, all action with very little substance if any. Andre Ward represents a culture that sadly no longer seems to exist: Normal, humble, not chasing the attention or trying to desperately gain the approval of others for the sake of celebrity status and meaning.

Ward just fights man, and he wins.

Andre Ward is 30 years old, I started to really like him as a boxer when he fought Allan Greene in the Super Six. We as boxing fans need to take notice because what we have in Andre is in all likelihood the heir to the Mayweather P4P throne. We may like Froch because he's as readily likable as the hot girl at the bar, but Ward is a fighter we can love because he'll be at the top a lot longer. I'll take legacy over fleeting celebrity any day of the week. Ward will stand alongside Joe Calzaghe as the two best super middleweights of all time.

Carl Froch is a four time champion and that's nothing to sneeze at, but Andre Ward has the years and freshness to easily surpass the four world titles Froch has won in his career.

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