You Cannot Compare The Career of Carlos Monzon To That Of Chael Sonnen, And Yet Kyle McLachlan From Bloodyelbow Did Just That

In an article titled "BE Round Table: Chael Sonnen's Legacy Part 2-Should He Go In The UFC Hall of Fame" , Bloody Elbow staff writer Kyle McLachlan wrote the following: "Just as the boxing 'Hall of Fame' the emphasis is on the word 'fame'. It's not 'Hall of certified all time greats'

Considering that Carlos Monzon (fled a drug test just as Wanderlei Silva recently did; found guilty of murder after retiring) and Don King (convicted of both manslaughter and second degree murder, also accused of fraud by many boxers) made the IBHOF it seems that with Stephan Bonnar, Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame that the process will not scrutinize either the personal or professional failings of a fighter."

Now, part of his argument I can agree with in theory, he's right that each hall of fame for different sports don't come down too heavily on individuals for their personal failing as he put it, some however do base their vote on personal moral choices of the candidate; we've learned that from the MLB hall of fame voters who weigh the steroids era as a reason not to vote for guys associated with a period of time in which numbers were inflated based solely on the outcomes of illegal performance enhancing drugs.

Where I strongly disagree with Kyle's comparison is the idea that the Boxing Hall of Fame isn't the "Hall of Certified All Time Greats" as he put it. Except, one can make a compelling argument that not only the IBHOF but the MLB hall of fame in Cooperstown, as well as the NFL hall of fame in Canton, Ohio can most certainly be called "The Hall of Certified All Time Greats". He mentioned Carlos Monzon and Don King specifically, Monzon is widely considered one of the all time greatest middleweight champions in the history of sport. Don King, a man who warrants little introduction is without doubt one of the greatest promoters in all of combat sports, period. Never mind how one feels about their personal lives, when you speak about Monzon and King, both are all time greats.

Carlos Monzon was two time world middleweight champion having held the WBA and The Ring titles at middleweight for seven years, twice he held the WBC middleweight crown, and was fighter of the year twice. In regards to Chael Sonnen since he was the topic of the article, his impact and credentials for enshrinement into the UFC's "Company Guys" hall of fame aren't in the same galaxy as Carlos Monzon and his credentials as a hall of fame boxer.

It's quite dismissive in fact to suggest well, you know Carlos Monzon was elected to the boxing hall of fame so I mean by those standards Chael Sonnen could be a UFC hall of famer. You can't just compare the careers of a two time world middleweight champion who held the title for four years the first time he won it, and nearly a decade the second time, to a man who talked himself into big fights he lost and won no major titles during his so called prime.

Yes, Kyle is correct when he talks about the "fame" aspect but make no mistake as famous as Oscar De La Hoya was, that fame didn't win him world titles in six different weight divisions, his boxing skills did that. His fame made him the seminal figure in combat sports for the moment he turned professional until his final fight in 2008 against another famous champion Manny Pacquiao. No one gets into the boxing hall of fame because they're famous, the guys immortalized in Canastota, NY are all time great fighters. Joe Calzaghe, Felix Trinidad, De La Hoya, were all inducted this year, all three are all time greats.

Joe Calzaghe is considered the greatest super middleweight of all time having gone undefeated in his career and holding the crown at 168 for a decade strong. He had 21 defenses of his WBO, IBF, WBC, WBA, and The Ring Super Middleweight titles. He also won the Ring title at light heavyweight.

Again I kind of see what Kyle McLachlan was saying but it was a bad comparison because unlike the UFC hall of fame, the IBHOF houses fighters who deserve to be there based on merit and a credible body of work. They're aren't too many Stephan Bonnar's in the boxing hall of fame. You won't find guys in the boxing hall of fame because of one fight, and nothing else to show for their careers. Chael Sonnen will be inducted into the UFC hall of fame because Dana White makes the choice and it's his alone. But if there were a real MMA hall where writers vote, Sonnen would have as good a shot at being inducted as Travis Lee has being inducted into Cooperstown.

And you know again I'm not trying to be overly critical but he brought up Monzon and you know Carlos Monzon murdered his wife and everyone who knows boxing knows about that situation. But Carlos Monzon is an all time great and you just can't compare his legacy or his accomplishments as a fighter to what Chael Sonnen ever attempted to do in his career in the MMA world.

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