Civilized Discussion 2: Feather Fists of Fury and Heavy Hands



I was surprised at how well the last one of these did, so I'm doing the second one. Hope you guys enjoy this one as well.

(Side note: same rules apply. Try to remain civil and respect others' opinions. The point of this series of posts is to get away from all the ass-hat-ery that made people forget just how fantastic the BLH community is.)

The Topic of Discussion: How do you score a fight? Which styles do you tend to favor, and how big of a role does power play?

It's sort of an unspoken rule, that most fights are pre-scored before the fights are even signed. Fans tend to favor certain fighters due to their personality, their story, or various one reasons; however, on this post we will be focusing on the fighters' styles and punching power.

We all carry a bias, whether it be visible from space, or ever so subtle that one would have to truly ask themselves if they even know that it exists. Either way, it's there.

Some people favor the brawler; a fighter that throws caution to the wind and looks to punch his opponent all night. Other favor the defensive slickster (or minimalist fighter). These fighters tend to take very calculated risks by making the fight slow in order to be able to pick and chose a perfect moment to attack (even if it's ever so briefly).

In some cases, styles have little impact in how one favors a fighters. When this happens, power becomes the big factor. A fighter can steal round sin the eyes of some, by landing big punches that shake the opponent. These, of course, are just a few examples.

As for me? I prefer the cerebral fighter. I pay little mind to how much power or speed a fighter brings to the table. All one needs is a sharp mind, good footwork, and a stiff jab.

This comes from my own limitations as a boxer (for fun). I value craftsmanship and a fighter that places quality over quantity.

I also pay little attention to the average points scoring system (this would explain some of my very unpopular scorecards). Punches are nice, but they often only tell a small piece of what is a great story. I fighter that can manipulate another, or befuddle him with footwork, will score higher with me that one that throws punches hoping something lands. Likewise, a fighter that strategically looks to inflict physical harm in the long term (arm punches and body punches) will score much higher on my card than a fighter that looks for flashy punches with no plan in mind.

This is only a small summary about my views, but I hope it sets the stage for some excellent discussion.

What do you guys/gals prefer? A fighter that looks to punish? A fighter that looks to score points? A power puncher?

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