Miguel Cotto: Whats Next?

The weeknd has come and gone and the ever revolving boxing-buzz machine now focuses on one man, Miguel Cotto. After a complete and utter domination of Sergio Martinez, we are left to ask.. Whats next for Cotto? What a wondeful position to sit in. Here stands a man that went in Saturday, took care of his business and now gets to reap the benefits of his labor. Miguel now has what would seem to be, a bevy of options available to him after his win.

First lets take a look at what makes him oh so valuable at this point and time.

1. He is the equivalent of a boxing free agent

- For all intents and purposes he can fight any fighter, under any banner, on any network. In todays landscape thats priceless. Cotto has the ability and relationship to fight Goldenboy , Toprank or Floyd inc., he is immune to boxing's civil war. He also has the ability to campaign in 3 divisions (147,154,160)

2. He is an established PPV commodity

-As Sergio has now learned, Miguel is a certified A-side fighter. Aganst any fighter not named Floyd Mayweather, Miguel will have considerable negotiating leverage at the negotiating table. Hes been in high selling fights and hes been in exciting ones.

3. He has a large fan base

-Hes got the puerto rican fan base behind him , he has the mexican fan base there to oppose him and he has a mother freaking venue(MSG)at his disposal. Hes got the story lines to sell and he is a high action fighter. He is also currently holding 2 belts.

4. Hes hot

- Strike while the iron is hot... Cotto's name is in my mouth, its on your twitter news feed and most likely its on the table in a couple of promotional company conference rooms.

So who does he fight? There are plenty of options for him... heres what I see

Cotto/mayweather 2

Cotto/pacquiao 2





Which route would you like to see him take?

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