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A Fighter's Fighter: The Carl Froch Way


Carl Froch's legacy in British boxing is already secure, but Saturday's fight with Lucian Bute could be career-defining. Bad Left Hook's Oli Goldstein has more.

Pacquiao vs Bradley: Manny Says Only Floyd Mayweather Prevents Boxing's Mega-Fight


Manny Pacquiao says that only Floyd Mayweather is preventing the biggest fight in boxing, but he's focused on Timothy Bradley for now. Bad Left Hook has more.

Rios vs Herrera: Fight Has Max Weight of 141


Brandon Rios will have an extra pound of wiggle room as he moves up to junior welterweight to face Mauricio Herrera on July 7. Bad Left Hook has more.

Bute vs Froch Preview: Road Trip Will Reveal Truth About Undefeated Bute


Carl Froch and Lucian Bute square off on Saturday in Nottingham. Bad Left Hook breaks down the matchup and picks the winner.

Run Silent, Run Deep: Lucian Bute-Carl Froch Preview


But Bute’s dilemma is a mirror image of his opponent’s. Whereas Froch’s substantial resume lacks the definitive performance capable of easing the doubts fostered by his erratic style, Bute’s style, and the polished manner in which he demonstrates it, is all that’s providing cover for a resume crying out for a name the calibre of Froch’s. Each man sees the possibility for affirmation in the other. A victory over the undefeated Bute would, in theory, bring Froch’s list of bested foes beyond the point of reproach. And for Bute, a win against an elite opponent-in that opponent’s hometown, no less-would cement his credentials as one of boxing’s truly gifted practitioners. From The Cruelest Sport

Pacquiao vs Bradley: Rooting For Tim Bradley To Blow The Whole Thing Up


Brent Brookhouse of Bad Left Hook explains that he wants Timothy Bradley to beat Manny Pacquiao to end the non-stop talk about the Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather fight that will never happen.

Pacquiao vs Bradley: Tim Bradley Public Workout Live Stream 3 P.M.


Tim Bradley trains for the media and public ahead of his June 9 superfight with Manny Pacquiao.

Quillin vs Wright: Fight Will Have USADA Drug Testing


Peter Quillin has agreed to take USADA drug testing for his fight with Winky Wright. Bad Left Hook has more.

Pacquiao vs Bradley: Tim Bradley Says It's Great to Face Manny, Will Be Even Better to Beat Him


Timothy Bradley is thrilled to be facing Manny Pacquiao -- but says he'll be even happier when he wins on June 9. Bad Left Hook has more.

Juan Manuel Marquez Back July 21 or 28 in Mexico, Will Face Southpaw


Juan Manuel Marquez wouldn't take a paycut to fight a southpaw in Texas, so he'll face one in Mexico instead. Bad Left Hook has more.

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