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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Martin Murray Off the Table, Visa Issues For Murray


Martin Murray's visa issues are preventing him from coming to the States for a June shot at Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Bad Left Hook has more.

Nathan Cleverly Announces Fight, WBO Rejects Opponent and Enforces Mandatory


Nathan Cleverly won't be defending his WBO belt against Robin Krasniqi, as the WBO has rejected the fight. Bad Left Hook has more.

Sergio Martinez No. 1, But Who's No. 2 at Middleweight?: Boxing Rankings For March 20


Matthew Macklin got thrashed in the end by Sergio Martinez, but remains among the field of non-Sergio contenders at 160. Bad Left Hook has more.

Mares vs Morel: Abner Mares Excited For Title Shot


Abner Mares is looking to capture the WBC super bantamweight title against Eric Morel.

Bute vs Froch: Carl Froch Criticizes The Level Of Lucian Bute's Opponents


Carl Froch is not impressed with Lucian Bute's resume. Find out who he points out.

Khan vs Peterson II: Esquire Magazine Interviews Amir Khan


Amir Khan thinks his loss to Peterson could be due to the large weight difference in the ring. Find out how many pounds Khan gave up.

Top Rank Sues Yuriorkis Gamboa And 10 John Does


There are times where training at the Mayweather gym is not the best idea. Find out what the Top Rank response is going to be.

MERCIFUL HOUR: Sergio Martinez TKO11 Matthew Macklin

With the win, Martinez can continue his vendetta against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and the WBC (whose garish "Diamond Doodad" he was proud to display in the ring on Saturday night) to the delight of his crackpot fanclub, few of whom, apparently, bothered to attend the fight, which is a shame, because Martinez is someone who is keenly aware of his style as a sort of art. It is a nervy style, one wholly dependent on anticipation, reflex, improvisation. Some of his moves on the perimeter seem to be little more than whimsy and the hands-down technique is bound to catch up with him sooner or later, but Martinez can get away with what he does because of his speed and because of how strange much of what he does is. From The Cruelest Sport

Victor Ortiz Runs In LA Marathon


Victor Ortiz proved that he was a fairly decent runner this past weekend. Will it help him going into his next fight?

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