Boxer Rubin Carter, Subject of Bob Dylan's Hurricane, Dead at 76

Rubin Carter who was the inspiration for Bob Dylan's song Hurricane, has died at age 76, after a battle with prostate cancer.

The Allure of The Crossroads

Hello all, I'm not sure if this is against your rules (posting links to your own articles), but I was very proud of this one so I thought I'd share. It's recently been published at Queensberry Rules and The Guardian. I'd love to know what you all think:

Wrestling Is Fixed! Since A.D. 267

My title is a bit of a hyperbole. This story is about the discovery of the earliest known contract to fix a match between two teenaged boys competing in the finals of Greek athletic games in Antinopolis, Egypt. The terms are pretty straight-forward.

For Gold Or Glory? Money As Motivation In Boxing

Just a short piece about Beibut Shumenov's wealth, something that seems to have been increasingly referenced in articles I've read about him. Comments welcome!

The Fire Inside: The Timothy Bradley Story

(A Original Documentary)

Queensberry Rules Boxing Radio

BLH's Scott Christ will be a guest on today's Queensberry Rules Boxing Radio with Patrick Connor and James Foley to discuss Pacquiao-Bradley II and last weekend's NBC Sports fights.

Boxers and Ballerinas

An exhibition in New York of photographer John Goodman's black & white images. From the New York Review of Books article (check that link for some photos): "In his essay accompanying the exhibition’s catalog, The Times Square Gym, the journalist Pete Hamill explains that the "mysterious quality" that motivates boxers is not merely "courage," but rather "the willingness to endure punishment in order to inflict it." Dancers, likewise, "endure punishment" in order to create beauty. Goodman’s photographs capture both dancers and boxers stretching, crouching, gazing exhausted into space, fixing shoes and gloves—those respective curiosities that both protect their wearers at their crucial points of contact, while enabling them to blast through the barriers of gravity, of flesh, in their momentary spurts of exertion."

Canelo Rejects Al Haymon's Millions

Note, the article is in Spanish. The author Arturo Sacramento (Against the Ropes) Yahoo! blog, describes Al Haymon as the hand that rocks the cradle in professional boxing.

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