With Your Shield Or On Your Shield: Ruslan Provodnikov TKO10 Mike Alvarado

Forgive Ruslan Provodnikov for his clichés. Because he speaks through an interpreter, his words may lose a richer meaning in translation. Or he may deal in clichés because they are easy to pick up, especially in a sport where fists are the primary tools of discourse. Besides, in the right context, those commonplace phrases are perfectly accurate. "I knew what I had to do was break him," Provodnikov told Max Kellerman in the afterglow of his victory over Mike Alvarado last night. A little trite, perhaps, but over ten grueling rounds at the 1stBank Center in Denver, Ruslan Provodnikov indeed broke Mike Alvarado, who did not answer the bell for the eleventh. Click the link to continue reading.

Mike Tyson - My Life As a Young Thug

Mike Tyson article in the latest New York magazine.

The Fan Cards are Split for Bradley vs. Marquez

Fan cards are pretty split over the winner of Bradley vs. Marquez. More fan cards are needed though, for a better view of the fan opinion.

NO MARGIN: Timothy Bradley-Juan Manuel Marquez Preview

Everyone has a breaking point. When elite competitors reach theirs, it becomes a spectacle. Timothy Bradley reached his some time after a disputed victory over Manny Pacquiao last year, and the resulting carnage was on full display March 16th against Ruslan Provodnikov. His meltdown simultaneously animated diminished buzz and threw the remainder of his career into question. Bradley will try to piece together the scattered puzzle on Saturday night at the Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, against Juan Manuel Marquez. CLICK LINK ABOVE TO READ MORE

The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board: Year One

"Boxing is tainted," said Floyd Mayweather a few weeks ago. "There are too many belts, too many champions." Anyone at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on September 14th would have noticed an Elvis-worthy display case featuring Mayweather’s robes, gloves, and boots from past bouts. Several acronym-emblazoned "championship" belts were also featured. In a moment of clarity, the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet waved them off— "I think we should have one belt and that’s it."

Read the full story at

Come back Lennox?

Not sure whether to be happy at Lennox improving the quality of today's HW pool, or sad to see another near 50 yr old show up the current crop. You choose.

FALLOUT: On Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao

Boxing is a sport that adds years to lives without extending them, that both glosses over and emphasizes the fact that getting punched in the head is bad for you. Admittedly, the study of brain trauma is a new and underdeveloped field, and it is still unclear whether the majority of the cognitive deficits that are associated with blunt head blows result from the physical trauma itself, or the brain responding to this trauma. Those deficits, however, are undeniable—even obvious—in boxing. Boxing can chuck a man out of his prime like a bouncer, dumping him on the curb, where balance, coordination, cognition and speech get lost in the gathering crowd. This is what is happening when a fighter gets old before our eyes. This is the ugly side of growing old in a bloodsport—the side that counts in dog years, that places asterisks next to ages and question marks on futures. Click the link to continue reading on The Cruelest Sport.

Rolling Thunder: Miguel Cotto TKO3 Delvin Rodriguez

Was there a seance or two, maybe some dark hours with a ouija board scattered amongst the mitt work to help conjure up Cotto’s past as he prepared for Rodriguez? Whatever tactics Roach employed, they worked. Cotto reinvested in his bruising ways against Rodriguez, dusting off his left hook to the body. Roach wanted Cotto to fight. Cotto fought, and Rodriguez suffered the consequences. To continue reading on The Cruelest Sport click the link above.

Boxing Clever

A writer is forced to reconsider his stereotypical views on boxing after meeting the widow of an ex-boxer and concludes by saying: "there is something stirring about the spectacle of two men, more or less evenly matched, testing one another according to rules by which, at least in principle, they abide even in the extremity of their need to break them. Moreover, however much they may have insulted each other beforehand in an attempt to stoke their own aggression, they kiss and make up, even honour each other, immediately the fight is over. This is chivalry, albeit of a relatively coarse kind; but chivalry is always inspiring."


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