Check it out there was boxing prelims today - so click on the schedule & find boxing fixtures if stuck for something to watch. Irish always have a strong squad representing them. Eamonn O'Kane won the gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India, here's one of his recent bouts -

One Flew Over: Mike Perez-Bryant Jennings Preview


Over the last few years, particularly in the United States, the heavyweight division has been the trembling neurotic of prizefighting. Who knows how best to treat it: Primal scream therapy or psychotropic drugs? Nothing seems to work. Even so, HBO takes another chance with the dreadnoughts when Mike "The Rebel" Perez and Bryant "By-By" Jennings face off as the chief support to Golovkin-Geale tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden. Although Perez has been on HBO twice, Jennings, an American, likely has the network brass crossing their fingers on his behalf. CLICK LINK FOR MORE

The Life of A Professional Sparring Partner


I just came across this, a profile of David Rodela, and it occurred to me that I've really never given much thought to what it might be like to be a professional sparring partner.

Taishan Dong, a 6'11' 283lb giant making HW debut tonight on FS1


Interesting article about the Chinese giant, they claim he was handpicked by the Chinese government to be the next Yao Ming, but he wasn't that great as basketball. His nickname is "The Great Wall" He will be in the first televised bout tonight on FS1.

Wish Fulfillment: Saul Alvarez-Erislandy Lara Preview


Erislandy Lara has been agitating to fight Saul "Canelo" Alvarez for the better part of two years. He’ll finally get his wish on Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, but it may be too late for him to capitalize on it. Click link for more!

New(7/9/14) SI writer Chris Mannix interview w/ Showtime Sports exec Stephen Espinoza.


Sports Illustration's Chris Mannix interviews Showtime Sport executive Stephen Espionza on Mayweather, PPV numbers, Canelo-Lara fight, and Al Haymon, etc.

The most amazing interview with a boxer I have ever read: The Ring interviews Pungluang Sor Singyu


I don't know how many people caught this on The Ring website the other day, but this interview is just amazing! I mean, I realize cultures are different and people from different parts of the world have different values and different mentalities, but Jesus Christ this interview sounds like it was taken in 1910 and the subject was a 5-year old. I am at the same time charmed and shocked at the utter innocence and naivety of Pungluang. For me, some of the highlights are: "We love African people, they are very nice (...). They are black color and so nice in smiling with bright white teeth." "The promoter treated us well. The promoter gave us breakfast, lunch and dinner." ... Because you know you were well compensated for a world title fight when you got not one, not two, but THREE warm meals for it! Right, you guys? Am I right?! Plus the chicken fighting, plus the full Buddhist lecture, plus the "chicken noodle in a soup selling a bowl to people for a dollar", plus the movie "King Naresuan", there is A LOT of stuff happening in that interview, you guys have to read that !!!

Ring TV Interviews GGG & Geale (GGG Speaks English well! :)


Ring TV Interviews GGG & Geale (GGG Speaks English well! :) "This is boxing" this is job...

Traveling Hands: Yuriorkis Gamboa Fails to Dethrone Terence Crawford


After two fallow years under the promotional guidance of 50 Cent, a slumping Gamboa tried to recoup the momentum he had lost since 2012 with a risky gambit: he took on a young, talented boxer-puncher on the road after a significant layoff. In addition, Crawford, who has fought as a junior welterweight in the past, had a significant size advantage over Gamboa. When the two men met at ring center before the opening bell, the disparity between them was striking. Gamboa looked like a pygmy beside Crawford, who entered the bout, unofficially, at 152 pounds. Before the switch-hitting Crawford could assert his physical advantages, however, Gamboa opened fast and swept the first four rounds by jumping in—with little regard for defense—behind looping rights and left hooks. Eventually, as the rounds went by, Crawford would time many of his ragtag rushes perfectly. Little by little, Gamboa began to slow down and Crawford, 26, revved his offense into high gear, raking Gamboa with jabs, hooks, and straight lefts. When Crawford committed himself to fighting in a southpaw stance—and digging to the body—Gamboa was looking at a two-lane blacktop to nowhere. CLICK LINK FOR MORE

Somewhere in Middle America: Terence Crawford-Yuriorkis Gamboa Preview


A little over two hundred years ago, Nebraska was considered part of "The Great American Desert," which, as far as boxing goes, at least, is a fitting description. Except for a handful of notable fighters—Max Baer and Ace Hudkins, for example—Nebraska has never been known for prizefighting, and over the last few decades it has become a haven for circuit-grinders and professional floppers. This is only the fifth professional boxing card in Omaha since Y2K, and Crawford, 26, is hoping that beating Gamboa will lead to future overflow crowds at the CenturyLink. Up to 10,000 spectators are expected to witness an intriguing matchup involving two undefeated pros who seem to be heading in opposite directions. CLICK LINK FOR MORE

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