Some more rumored bouts...

  1. Antonio Tarver vs. Nagy Aguilera, on Showtime, October 15. It will be Tarver's heavyweight debut. Just waiting on a location to sign at this point. Aguilera has lost twice since upsetting Oleg Maskaev.
  2. Vitali Klitschko vs. Tomasz Adamek, next year, at MSG. They're still in the early stages of talks for this one, but it would make sense for all sides, and HBO has expressed interest. In the interim, Adamek vs. Lance Whitaker seems likely at the end of this year.
  3. Bernard Hopkins vs. Jean Pascal, December 18, on HBO. According to Richard Schafer, talks are progressing nicely. TV availability in both the US and Canada will determine the final date.
  4. According to Dan Rafael, Mike Jones's likely opponent for the Pacquiao-Margarito undercard is Jesus Soto-Karass. Since decent names are involved, expect all three undercard fights to be showcase type bouts.
  5. Adrian Diaconu will face Omar Sheika on the undercard of Lucian Bute against Jesse Brinkley. No U.S. TV date as of yet for that one, but I'd be surprised if it doesn't end up being available in the US somehow, even if only by internet PPV.

Some rumored bouts

  1. Kelly Pavlik vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., December 4 at Cowboys Stadium, per Steve Kim's tweet
  2. Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Chris John, on the same card, per Bob Arum's interview with a Puerto Rican newspaper, assuming Lopez gets past Rafael Marquez in September
  3. David Haye vs. Audley Harrison almost finalized for November, per various internet chatter
  4. Vitali Klitschko vs. Nicolai Valuev almost finalized for October, per Worcester Telegram
  5. Nonito Donaire vs. Fernando Montiel, per Donaire's Facebook

Bad Left Hook Judges List for Foreman-Cotto

  1. Chair 1: SC
  2. Chair 2: The Boxer Rebellion
  3. Chair 3: Verklemptomaniac
  4. Chair 4: lcollins1
  5. Chair 5: Option27

Top Rank Live and Other Results

  1. Mike Jones UD-10 Henry Bruseles
  2. Kaizer Mabuza RTD-6 Kendall Holt. This is a really big upset, obviously.
  3. Gabriel Rosado SD-10 Saul Roman
  4. Canada: Rayonta Whitfield TKO-9 Sergio Espinoza
  5. South Africa: Hekkie Budler MD-12 Juanito Rubillar

Bouts rumored to be in the works

  1. James Toney against either Antonio Tarver or Odlanier Solis. It's unclear what weight a Tarver fight would be at, but I have doubts that Toney could make 200 even if he tried. He's just let himself go for too long.
  2. Devon Alexander versus Marcos Maidana, March 6, on HBO
  3. Humberto Soto versus the winner of Valero-DeMarco. Soto should be ringside to call out the winner, and if Valero wins, Soto-Valero is probably the best fight Bob Arum can make.
  4. Chad Dawson versus Jean Pascal, in June, in Canada. As noted previously, Pascal would need to heal from recent shoulder surgery before he could start training.
  5. Albert Sosnowski versus Audley Harrison. Sosnowski won the European heavyweight title last weekend, and Audley's coming off a Prizefighter victory. I don't even want to think about either of these two getting in there with a Klitschko.

Other Saturday Results

  1. Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. TKO7 Genaro Garcia. It wasn't pretty, but the legend's son got the best win of his career on the Telemundo main event by fighting patiently, waiting for Garcia to make mistakes, and not relenting when he finally hurt Garcia on a flurry of hooks. Don't be surprised if Vasquez gets a shot at a title when Juanma Lopez moves to 126.
  2. Moruti Mthlane UD12 Julio Cesar Miranda. Mthlane won a wide decision, capturing the belt that was vacated by Nonito Donaire. Nick Durant, who also trained Simphiwe Nongqayi, Isaac Hlathswayo and Malcolm Klassen, is on my short list for trainer of the year this year.
  3. Zolani Tete KO1 Anthony Mathias. Just an interesting name to keep in mind. At 12-0, he's already cleaned out a very strong South African flyweight division (other than Mthlane), winning all but one bout by knockout. Only a year ago, it was feared his career would be over due to severe epilepsy, but he seems to have come back, and on paper, he looks like as promising of a flyweight prospect as anyone.
  4. Avtandil Khurtsidze TKO8 Kuvanych Toygonbayev. Khurtsidze is working his way towards mandatory status in the middleweight division for the WBA.
  5. Kaleb Truax UD10 Kerry Hope. Truax improves to 13-0, and his handlers might want to try to take the next step with him.

A few "internet rumors"

  1. Tomasz Adamek's next fight could be against Hasim Rahman, according to Polsat. His next fight will be early February in New Jersey at heavyweight, no matter who the opponent.
  2. Marco Antonio Barrera may still be shooting for a title in a fourth weight class. He's trying to get a fight with Paulus Moses, currently the weakest of the lightweight titlists.
  3. More than just a rumor - Carlos Quintana will face Jesse Feliciano on the untelevised Williams-Martinez undercard.
  4. Edison Miranda may be getting in position for another title shot already. His team is starting to lay groundwork for a shot at Robert Stieglitz. Miranda has some name value in Germany due to his war with Arthur Abraham.
  5. Wapakman causing a fuss in the Philippines. Movie may be pulled if it would violate election law, and there are heavy rumors of an affair with his female costar Krista Ranillo.

Other Saturday Results

  1. Fernando Guerrero MD Ossie Duran. As I said before, Duran was a legitimate spoiler here. Per reports, Guerrero controlled most of the fight through the 8th, when he was cut over his eye with a clash of heads, and then started to lose his composure, including a knockdown in the 10th. Guerrero, a personal favorite prospect (not in terms of potential as much as just loving to watch him fight) claimed an NABO belt.
  2. Satoshi Hosono UD Hiroyuki Enoki. Enoki recently drew with then-titlist Takahiro Aoh and then lost a title bout to Chris John, but has since lost two bouts. Hosono moves to 16-0 and gets what is easily the best win of his career.
  3. Denis Boytsov TKO7 Jason Gavern. This was intended to be a showcase fight against the 18-6-3 Gavern, and hard-hitting Boytsov made the most of it. He scored 4 knockdowns and also forced 2 standing 8-counts (which they still have in Germany) en route to a dominant victory. Boytsov moves to 26-0 and could use one more step up in class before traing to take on a Klitschko.
  4. Jorge Diaz KO6 Yan Barthelemy. Barthelemy, an Olympic gold medalist, defected with Yuriorkis Gamboa and Odlanier Solis and got a big money contract from Arena Box, only to be dropped from it like a hot potato when he lost a fight against a nobody earlier in the year. Now Barthelemy has proven to have a sketchy chin as well. Diaz moves to 10-0, and the Atlantic City attraction becomes a prospect to watch.
  5. Other results: Ina Menzer defends her belts, Susi Kentikian unifies belts, John Duddy beats Michi Munoz, Ronny Rios looks like crap in beating 1-2-1 John Wampash, Omar Chavez beats yet another trial horse, and Luis Grajeda impresses beating Juan Carlos DIaz.

...But some fights DO get made

  1. Joshua Clottey vs. Carlos Quintana, on the Pavlik-Williams undercard. Not 100% final, but almost there.
  2. Zab Judah vs. Ramon Montano, November 6. Judah's been out of the ring for nearly a year now, having pulled out of at least three different fights, so I'll believe this one when I see it.
  3. Marco Antonio Rubio vs. Eric Mitchell. Rubio hasn't fought since getting dominated by Pavlik in February.
  4. Edgar Sosa vs. Rodel Mayol. Mayol recently drew against Ivan Calderon and lost close in an ugly rematch. This is his fifth title shot without yet winning a belt. Now trained by Freddie Roach, Mayol seems to have improved overall. Sosa has made 10 defenses of his light flyweight title, but this might be his toughest opponent since winning the belt from Brian Viloria.
  5. Yusef Mack vs. Karo Murat. This one's not 100% final either, but is close. This would be an eliminator for the IBF #1 contender spot. Mack has been on a roll lately, showing none of the stamina problems that plagued him at 168 in beating Chris Henry and DeAndrey Abron. Murat may be unknown here, but they're grooming him for stardom in Germany, and he has good wins over Gabriel Campillo and Christian Sanavia.

Rumors for upcoming bouts

  1. Vitali Klitschko vs. Kevin Johnson
  2. Evander Holyfield vs. Vassiliy Jirov (other possible opponents: Derric Rossy, Patrice L'Hereaux)
  3. Shannon Briggs vs. Marcellus Brown
  4. Tony Thompson vs. Malik Scott
  5. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Troy Rowland (relatively final, which would round out the Pacquiao-Cotto undercard)
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